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Elevate your learning experiences with AI 360 media options

Even the smallest details on the CYPHER platform are designed to be both intuitive and meaningful. Elevate your learning experiences using different AI media options. You can easily generate AI synthetic imagery for modules or swap out course images and videos using the Media picker to fine tune your course content.


Have your own company portal

Create a custom CYPHER portal and use it as a central hub to display online courses, communicate company news, and manage events. View our customer showcase.


Customize your portal

Our platform can be matched to your company’s brand by adding a personalized logo, URL, color scheme, terminology, and more.


Graphical dashboards

We provide beautiful, tile-based dashboards for all user types. The admin dashboard can be customized with drag and drop widgets that display the most important information for your company.


Drag and drop dashboard widgets

The admin dashboard has customizable widgets that display relevant statistics about the business and its users. Widgets can also be integrated with ad-hoc reports.



Our platform is fully responsive and looks great on any mobile device. We also have mobile apps for iOS and Android so users can enjoy CYPHER functionality on the go. The mobile apps have offline mode functionality integrated and companies can also have their own branded mobile apps with a custom logo.


Language support

We offer support for 50+ languages, including RTL languages. We automatically translate messages and forum postings between users that speak different languages, so users from all around the world can easily stay connected.

Public profiles

Showcase your accomplishments using a public profile that you can share on social media. Personalize the profile with your own picture, background, and display your friends, awards, and certificates. Learners, instructors, and administrators can all have public profiles.


Activity display

Activity indicators make the learning experience more interactive and emphasize the sense of community. Users can see in real time updates from various activities within courses, paths, and groups.


We’re continually working to enhance our platform's accessibility features for users with disabilities, meeting WCAG 2.1 Level AA standards. Our current features include hidden content that improves screen reader use, a 'skip to content' shortcut, underlined links setting, and a high contrast theme. We recommend JAWS, NVDA or VoiceOver to our users that wish to use a screen reader.


Everything is so streamlined and intuitive. Learners can easily manage their classes!

Katie Bokan, CEO and Founder, Convo

Excellent experience from day one.

J Val Hastings, Business Professional, Coaching4Today'sLeaders