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Brandon Hall Group is a professional development company that provides data, research, insights, and certification to Learning and Talent executives and organizations. It has been operating for 30 years and has influenced the development of over 10 million employees and executives. It offers a cloud-based platform that provides evidence-based insights in various areas of Human Capital Management. The company is recognized for its HCM Excellence Awards®, known as the “Academy Awards of Human Capital Management”.

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Supercharged training. In minutes.

With CYPHER Copilot, supercharge your training experience. Build multimedia, gamified, skills-based training in minutes.

AI 360 with CYPHER Copilot

Modern learning in motion

Want more time to train and connect with learners? Struggling to track performance and progress? The CYPHER platform takes the chore out of learning and training. Our beautiful and intuitive modern platform engages learners, makes it fast and simple for trainers to create content, and provides insights to drive better outcomes - all while maintaining a 1:1 human connection. Just the way modern learners expect. And our new AI-powered CYPHER Copilot tool gives trainers the ability to build and launch new, innovative courses in mere minutes.

CYPHER’s human-centric approach is perfect for learning and development (L&D) professionals, HR leaders, trainers, instructional designers, learning platform admins, and managers. From skills-based learning to sophisticated automation and leveled-up gamification to the intuitive interface - every aspect has been thoughtfully built to modernize and energize the way we live and learn.

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