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Webinar to show generative AI as a friend — not foe — to L&D teams

Published on 27 September, 2023 | By: Brandon Hall Group | Published In All L&D Topics, Read

Generative AI is rapidly leading us into the digital transformation of Learning and Development.

Learning and Development professionals now have infinite scalability for content development while keeping the content highly personalized for a multitude of learning audiences. What used to be a time intensive and expensive process for even the largest L&D team, content development can now be reduced to a matter of minutes and be generated by anyone.

But with all technological breakthroughs, there are uncertainties. With this level of firepower, how do we govern content development? Most generative AI content creation platforms have a wide-open throttle with no filters or checks and balances. How do we ensure that we are creating content that is appropriate for our learning audiences and will generate the outcomes we are expecting?

According to recent research by Brandon Hall Group™, 79% of organizations feel, in the digital age, the use of this type of technology is unavoidable. However, 70% reported that they do not have the right skillset and will need to develop the skillset to ensure ChatGPT-generated content is accurate, reliable, legally sound and can be differentiated from human-generated content. How do we make sure this once-in-a-lifetime technology is a friendly addition to our Learning organization?

We need to look carefully at our technology choices to determine if they provide a balance between unlimited content development capabilities and a framework or structure to mold the content into a usable and approved format. The ideal technology will not only help content developers create content but also properly guide them in its creation. We need technology to be our partner in the content creation process.

Many technology providers have jumped on the generative AI bandwagon, touting their newly developed capabilities to clients and prospects. Many promises are being made by providers regarding what their version of generative AI will deliver. It seems like everywhere Learning and Development teams turn they are being bombarded with generative AI. How do these teams make the right decision? What criteria should be used to evaluate a provider’s claims?

The generative AI market in learning technology is quickly becoming crowded and noisy.

On October 17, I’m sitting down with a group of experts in a roundtable format and tackling my questions as well as yours. I will be joined by Graham Glass, CEO and Founder of CYPHER Learning; Jim Chilton, CTO of Milady and Cengage; Dennis DiNoia, M.A. Ed, founder of Mr. D Math; and Matt Downing, MedPower CMO and CIO.

My questions for the experts will be:

  • What is generative AI?
  • How is generative AI applied to learning?
  • How can the right generative AI-powered technology transform learning?
  • What are the critical steps to incorporating generative AI-powered technology into learning?

When you register for the roundtable, let me know what questions you have. I will also be taking your questions during the live session. I am sure you have many questions. We will also be sharing data collected from our registrants regarding their perception of generative AI, which should make for some interesting dialogue with our experts.

Generative AI is a friend to the learning and development team not a foe. Please join us and find out why.

– Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group™