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CYPHER Learning named a G2 Best Software Awards winner 2024
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Webinar to show generative AI as a friend — not foe — to L&D teams

Published on 27 September, 2023 | By: Brandon Hall Group | Published In All L&D Topics, Read URL: https://membership.brandonhall.com/blog/webinar-to-show-generative-ai-as-a-friend-not-foe-to-ld-teams/...

Getting started with your online class using NEO LMS

In this webinar, you will learn how you can quickly move classroom activities online and start teaching with NEO LMS. We will show you how to easily create online classes, organize your materials, ena...

How to build a disaster-proof education plan for your school

In this webinar, you will learn how to implement a disaster-proof strategy for your classroom or school so that classes can go on even when calamities strike. We’ll show you step by step how to take s...

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