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CYPHER Learning Unveils AI 360: Advancing Personalized Learning with Generative AI

Plano, Texas, November 1 2023 - CYPHER Learning, provider of the leading modern learning platform for business and academic settings, announced AI 360 with CYPHER Copilot, a full suite of content creation and delivery tools powered by generative AI. Building on the success of CYPHER’s well-received CYPHER Copilot course-builder assistant, AI 360 with CYPHER Copilot is the world's first unified platform for both content development and delivery - leveraging fast-advancing AI capabilities to set a new benchmark for efficient, effective personalized learning.

AI 360 with CYPHER Copilot enables businesses and schools to create timely, relevant, and engaging courses at speed - while making individual learning at scale a reality. Teachers and trainers will benefit from advanced capabilities, using tools integrated into their natural workflows without the need for AI knowledge. 

“Skills requirements are evolving rapidly. Staying ahead of these changes is an uphill battle for businesses and educational institutes alike. Leveraging AI judiciously, AI 360 addresses these challenges and takes learning and development further into the 21st century.”

Graham Glass, CYPHER Learning CEO and Founder

AI 360 with CYPHER Copilot empowers educators, trainers, and businesses to bridge skills and resources gaps, achieving elevated modern learning experiences with the following features:

  • Customization at its finest. AI 360 with Copilot enables users to upload their own resources, including proprietary content, or select 3rd party content to create tailored courses. This level of customization allows  educators and trainers to deliver content that perfectly aligns with their unique goals, needs, voice, terminology, and brand.
  • Elevating existing courses. Trainers and educators can now update and enhance existing courses created within CYPHER by adding competencies, gamification, assessments, or refreshing content. This means that even established courses can evolve to meet the ever-changing demands of modern learners.
  • AI-driven graphics, media, and voice synthesis. CYPHER Copilot offers AI synthetic graphics, an AI media picker, and AI voice synthesis. These innovative AI-driven capabilities provide a level of convenience and creativity that's unmatched in the industry. They save users time, expand their creative horizons, and enhance the learning experience.

AI 360 gives trainers and educators more time, more resources, and more freedom – with remarkable efficiency and economy.  

“Building and delivering quality, impactful courses has always taken time, resources, and headspace – all in short demand in today’s fast-paced world,” said Glass. “With AI 360, businesses and schools can create timely, relevant, and engaging courses at speed while making personalized learning a reality.”  

"This tool will give me back countless hours to grow and develop our organization," said Michelle Johnson, Training and Support Manager at Served With Honor, the Texas-based non-profit organization supporting U.S. military veterans.

AI 360 expands and deepens AI-value themes established earlier in 2023 with the initial trial phase of CYPHER Copilot. In product evaluation surveys, launch phase customers implementing CYPHER Copilot reported:  

  • 77% created new courses with CYPHER Copilot at a unit cost of less than $1,000, compared to 32% before implementation
  • 83% reported delivering course content with CYPHER Copilot in less than a month, compared to 14% before implementation 
  • 82% felt able to update courses at least annually using CYPHER Copilot, compared to 53% who did so before implementation

For the full customer survey results, please read, “83% of CYPHER Learning Customers Say AI 360 with CYPHER Copilot Helps Them Develop and Deliver Courses in Days Versus Months.”

"Copilot is a game changer.  My creativity in course offerings was transformed. I can use Copilot in aspects of marketing, branding and new content creation I never thought possible for us without dramatically expanding our staffing model,"

Kristi Szilak, Associate Director of Educational Programs at Northwest University in Kirkland, Washington

About CYPHER Learning

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