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Should parents also know how to use e-learning platforms?

All parents want their children to receive the best education possible, and for many kids in today’s world, this means being taught through an e-learning platform.

Using technology to access tests, communications from teachers, and study guides is foreign to most parents since class certainly wasn’t in this format when they were children.

But, should parents adapt to the times and learn how to use e-learning platforms? Yes! Here’s why:


If parents want to be active in their child’s education, they have to be familiar with e-learning platforms. It can be difficult to help your kids with their homework or review their answers if you don’t know how to navigate through the system. Before your child begins working with the platform, ask for a quick tutorial from either a teacher or your child. This way, you can also log in to check when your child has upcoming tests and when homework assignments are given and due.

Keep in mind many e-learning platforms allow students to work at their own pace, so if parents are involved, they can ensure children are not procrastinating and putting off assignments that should have been tackled a long time ago.


Moms and dads are often juggling a full-time job on top of being dedicated, loving parents, which can make it difficult to find time to visit their children’s teachers in person. But, e-learning platforms solve this problem since they often allow parents to communicate with teachers remotely.

Parents can easily use this tool to keep in touch with teachers about their child’s grades, any issues that may arise during class, and what the child needs to improve upon. However, if you don’t know how to use the platform, you are severing this valuable link to your child’s teachers.

Check grades into the e-learning platform

Have you told your child she can’t go out with friends over the weekend unless she gets a B or higher on her math exam? With e-learning platforms, you don’t have to take your child’s word for it—you can simply log in and look at the class’ grade book.

This may seem like an invasion of privacy, but it’s just parenting. Staying on top of your child’s grades will help you identify any areas where he/she may need help so you can locate a tutor or ask the child’s teacher for additional assistance.

Tech issues

Some e-learning platforms are only compatible with certain types of smartphones, laptops, or desktop computers. Because of this, parents must know what devices their child needs in order to use the platform.

Parents should also attend any training sessions related to the e-learning platform so they know how to troubleshoot tech issues when they arise. This will ensure kids don’t run into any tech issues right before the deadline of a homework assignment or e-learning test.

Although becoming familiar with any e-learning platform requires a little bit of extra effort from parents, it’s certainly worth it for parents who only have their children’s best interests in mind.

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