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Our favorite teacher memes for 2021

Dear fellow teachers, 

For the past two years, I have been writing open letters that are meant to be fun and empathetic at the same time for welcoming the new year on a positive note.

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2021 has continued to spread uncertainty in our lives, leaving us wondering what would happen next, especially in our classrooms.

Our favorite teacher memes for 2021

But we are still teachers doing what we know best in various conditions and scenarios: online, hybrid, or face-to-face. Although it hasn't been easy, let's end this year with a smile on our faces with our favorite teacher memes: 

1. Online or offline

Online or offline

Uncertainty has been a constant for us teachers. Even though we are now used to switching from one teaching scenario to another according to global health demands, not knowing how long one will last is baffling to say the least.

2. Never catching up 

Never catching up

Those who aren't teachers think our job implies only teaching. We all know how much paperwork, planning, preparing and grading papers we do besides actual teaching. However, we've become good at showing we have everything under control.  

3. Abracadabra


No matter how much experience we have, planning is still daunting, especially for those who plan everything ahead for a full year. And with the multitude of changes along the way, it seems like no plan can be followed as intended anyway. Maybe a magic spell will do the trick.

4. Eureka

Clear communication is essential in the classroom, but it's wishful thinking some of the time. As teachers, we strive to make ourselves understood. However, rarely do we actually succeed with all the students. Nevertheless, it feels like a big victory when you manage to have the classroom on board with you.

5. Oh, sub, come out, come out, wherever you are! 

Oh, sub, come out, come out, wherever you are

As invincible as we want to look, we are also human. Substitute teachers are wonderful and ready to take over, but sometimes that has been like looking for a needle in the haystack.

6. The things a teacher would say

The things a teacher would say

We are known to say the weirdest things that will make anyone cringe if taken out of context. The most common ones now are related to the sanitary measures we have to implement. For some reason, students will find other uses for hand sanitizer.

7. Signs of trouble

Signs of trouble

The pandemic can make us stand on the edge of our seats, especially when students show signs of a cold. The protocols we have to follow and the consequences of a confirmed case in the classroom will break the routine, to say the least.

8. A new trend

 A new trend

Masks have become mandatory in schools this year and students have found different purposes for them. From younger students who play with them, eat them, blow their nose in them, use them as blindfolds to those who found new reasons to be fashionable wearing masks with different colors and patterns to match their outfits.

9. Keep the distance

Keep the distance

As teachers, we bond with our students, and they need us close to guide them and teach them. This pandemic has put a strain on the teacher-student relationship, especially when we have to maintain a physical distance.

10. Good joke

Good joke


When most are making plans for winter break, we are struggling to finish all the grading that's been piling for weeks.

11. Low battery

Low battery

We know how exhausted we are a few months into teaching. However, when the school year starts, we are hopeful and energetic. Too bad it doesn't last long.

12. Winter break is here! 

Winter break is here

See you in 2022!

May you have a new year full of accomplishments and patience, where you keep spreading your magic.

For everything you do, I thank you!

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Happy New Year!


A teacher

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