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Back-to-school survival: How to get your family on a healthy routine

Back-to-school time is often a hectic time for families; kids and parents alike are trying to get used to a very different routine than the one they were on during the summer. There’s anxiety about starting a new school year, and there’s the stress that comes with buying all the supplies everyone needs, which can get costly. Making sure the entire family is on a good routine will help the process go more smoothly and reduce stress and anxiety at the same time.

This means getting enough rest, eating a well-balanced diet, and putting a routine in place that will make things easier in the mornings. Often, this includes setting a bedtime that will allow for plenty of sleep and getting organized so there is no confusion when it comes time to get ready for school. It’s also a good idea to set up a workspace for homework and to look into online lessons and classroom supplements that will help your child throughout the year.

Keep reading for some great tips on how to get your family on a healthy routine this school year.

Get to sleep

Getting adequate rest is imperative for the entire family when school is in session, especially after a summer of staying up late. Not only does everyone need a good amount of sleep, your family also requires good quality sleep. If your child goes to bed at a decent time yet still wakes up cranky and seems unrested, consider the age of their mattress. The standard rule is that if it’s more than seven to 10 years old, it’s probably time for an upgrade, but this varies based on the mattress type.

Plan healthy meals

The way we eat and exercise can have a huge effect on our ability to get good rest and feel up to tackling the day’s challenges, so work out some healthy meals and snacks for your family for the week. If time is a factor in the evenings, consider preparing a few meals in advance that you can freeze and reheat when you get home from work. Having healthy snacks on hand — fruit, nuts, string cheese, and granola, for example — will make it easier for your kids to make good decisions when they come home from school hungry.

Set up a homework area

It’s always helpful to have a quiet space to work in, so set up an area in your home that is solely for doing homework. It should be well-lit and comfortable, away from the flow of traffic in the house. Ideally, it will be a space that allows for a laptop, tablet, or computer, so your child can work on online learning. There are plenty of sites and apps that go hand-in-hand with school lesson plans, and others that will simply boost a child’s abilities in a particular area. Having access to technology will also make it easier for your child to gain access to tutoring, which will be beneficial throughout the year.

Get organized

The first few weeks of school can be hard on everyone as the family adjusts to a new schedule, and mornings especially can be rough. Make it easier by getting organized. Set up a magnetic calendar on the fridge where you can keep track of everyone’s responsibilities and events, make an area for backpacks and shoes so they’re easy to grab, and set up a space in the pantry for simple, filling breakfasts ingredients: oatmeal packets, dried fruit, cereal, and bagels.

All in all

Creating a good routine for everyone in the family can be difficult if you don’t have a good plan, so sit down and think about what would benefit everyone the most. With a little creativity, you can ensure that you and your loved ones are as prepared as possible for the coming school year.

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