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A parent’s perspective on the best learning apps for children

There are many different apps that all claim to help children with their learning. From reading to math games, apps are taking over the educational landscape. So much so, that some schools are integrating tablets and apps into their curriculum.

Apps can be a great tool to use for learning, once you figure out the best ones for your children and how to use them effectively. Here are some of the best apps to help your children enhance their learning:

    • Khan Academy — Although Khan Academy itself does not have its own app, you can access apps made to access Khan Academy material. The website itself is a one-stop shop for parents and children looking to supplement school work with fun exercises and games to help kids learn. The website is endorsed by many prestigious institutions such as Google and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, thanks to its reputation for its excellence as a tool for online learning.
    • Scratch — Designed by MIT, this online site and app is used to help students learn about programming. Kids are able to create their own computer games and apps, as well as get to share their creations with others. This site will help children not just learn the digital skills they will need in the future, especially in college or possibly their careers, but also to learn to solve problems and apply creativity in a productive manner.
    • Duolingo — This language learning app will have your kids multilingual and having fun at the same time. Users are able to pick from a variety of languages to practice, and learning is done through fun games. This app is a great way to make language learning fun and can be used for the whole family. You can also track your child’s progress with the app and earn points to access special content to further their language learning experience.

young family using learning apps

  • Brainscape — Brainscape is a great tool for helping your children study for tests, or a great tool for language learning. The app is an online flashcard learning system where you can enter your own content. This app make studying on-the-go much easier and accessible for your children. You can also purchase ready made sets about any topic so that your child can get extra practice about any concept they may be struggle with in school.
  • Stack the States — This popular geography app is a great tool for children to learn about the United States geography and history. This app uses fun games to help students learn more about the geography of the states as well as help them remember important facts and history. There is also a Stack the Countries app that can help your children learn more about world geography.

These apps are great ways to carry over your children’s learning experience from school to home. Some might be hesitant to incorporate more technology into their children’s everyday, but with moderation and guidance children can benefit from the many educational materials that tech has to offer such as apps. Using learning apps not only makes learning fun for kids, but can teach them how to use technology responsibly and sensibly.