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4 Reasons why an LMS is a perfect solution for digital minimalism

For most of human history, the majority of people didn’t own much: a set of clothes, tools to work the field, and the basic things for cooking. Rich aristocrats and royals lived in luxury, but that “luxury” doesn’t even compare to the average American's standard of living. Our lives are better, but we own a lot of stuff, to the extent that some people need help to declutter and get rid of some of it. Marie Kondo, anyone?

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But there is a trend that goes against the way of life inspired by consumerism, as more and more people decide to live with less: it’s called minimalism. We have seen it in architecture and interior design, but it goes beyond that. Some people get by with only a few t-shirts, a pair of jeans, and a leather jacket, and they are perfectly happy with their wardrobe. They don’t feel the need to follow trends or buy the newest items. Minimalism is a philosophy of life.

With the plethora of apps and platforms, the digital world can be overwhelming. Students and teachers across the globe who were forced by the pandemic to learn and work online may sometimes feel digital fatigue. This is why embracing digital minimalism (doing more with less) may come in handy, especially when you feel lost in the sea of apps.

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4 Reasons why an LMS is a perfect solution for digital minimalism

An LMS is just what a school might need if it wants to simplify its processes. Let’s explore how an LMS helps all users — students, teachers, admins, school managers — do more with less:

  1. One place for all apps and tools

    If teachers use several video conference apps, five or six for quizzes and assignments, and one more for asynchronous teaching, there is no wonder they feel overwhelmed. Keeping up with all notifications or keeping track of who does what and where can be exhausting. An LMS has the advantage of being the gate for all activities: class management, teaching, assessment, extra-curricular events, etc.

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  2. One place for all stakeholders

    An LMS is an excellent tool for all those involved in the educational process (students, teachers, tutors, invigilators, administrators, technical staff, secretaries, parents, etc.). It’s easier to keep everything available in one place. An admin can easily create an account that gives access to specific areas of the tool and get all people on board. Instead of spending hours on WhatsApp groups trying to organize a PTA meeting, you can do it easily in a calendar integrated into an LMS. Parents can have access to their children’s grades and monitor their progress alongside teachers.

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  3. One solution for the school budget

    Some apps and platforms have limited access to free accounts and users have to pay if they want to benefit from the full experience with the best features. Teachers need access to video conferencing platforms, testing tools, secure platforms for asynchronous teaching, etc. A teacher can do all these things in an LMS. Not to mention that schools can negotiate good deals with an LMS provider and obtain better rates than those available to individual teachers.

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  4. One solution for your technicians

    Teachers are mostly working from home now, but the pandemic will end and technology will not go away. Blended learning, which has been here for a while will be the next big thing in both schools and universities. Even the most reluctant teachers have seen the benefits of online education, so it is unlikely to be abandoned altogether. So it is better to have an integrated system like an LMS, as it will be easier to fix and repair. Instead of having school technicians learn countless tools, they can focus on one complex system and help students and teachers (both on-site and remotely) when problems occur.

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To sum up

To sum up, embrace minimalism in your school if you want processes to run smoothly. Instead of overwhelming teachers, students, parents, etc., with numerous apps and platforms, choose an LMS, and you will see the difference. In this case, less is definitely more. Keep in mind that minimalism is not about having less; it’s about making room for more of what matters.

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