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Tackling the Talent Skills Gap with a Holistic Skills Development Strategy

Tackling the Talent Skills Gap with a Holistic Skills Development Strategy

70% of employees are under-skilled for the jobs they currently holdIt’s hard for organizations to meet business objectives and growth goals when their employees lack the skills it takes to get there. This is the challenge today’s companies are facing – according to Gartner, 70% of employees don’t have the necessary skills for their current role.

And this skills gap will likely only get worse with time as these businesses evolve over the years and new skillsets become essential.

Enter skills development – the maybe not-so-obvious choice – and the opportunity to upskill, reskill and cross-skill existing employees to create the ultimate workplace dream team. Recruiting new employees from the outside is a costly and time-consuming effort, so hiring from within – by identifying employees to “hire” for open positions – will save a company those headaches and preserve their bottom line.

Closing the skills gap through skills development creates three opportunities for organizations:

  1. continuously upskilling, reskilling and cross-skilling existing employees through a comprehensive training program to boost their effectiveness and efficiency;
  2. turn training and development into a competitive advantage in recruitment; and
  3. promoting from within and saving costs.

CYPHER Learning’s new eBook - Close the Talent Skills Gap to Open Up Big Opportunities” – discusses these three massive opportunities in depth.

It outlines the problems employers are facing and what can be done to remediate the situation – from implementing a holistic skills development strategy that encompasses a flexible and user-centric training program, to capitalizing on the “quiet hiring” trend to fill vacant positions, and more.