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New Features Roundup: Four Ways CYPHER is Modernizing Learning Management

Innovation at CYPHER never stops! Whether it is a big feature set like skills development or a smaller feature that significantly improves the user experience, we are focused on delivering the learning experiences that we know modern learners expect. This post focuses on four ways that we've recently improved the CYPHER Learning platform for modern learners:

#1 Make personalized skills development a reality:

  • Tag content and resources with competencies. Map goal achievement to roles, careers, educational standards and more.
  • Receive personalized learning recommendations for courses, groups and forums. Get learning path recommendations that reflect personalized goals, background, and previous accomplishments.

  • Automate daily tasks. Automatically enroll learners in courses or award points and badges
  • Track goal progress from the main overview page.
  • Create community and human connection. Enable learners and instructors to join CYPHER Community and participate in Q & A forums, collaborate with peers and instructors, and receive support.
  • Get support for 1000+ ESCO job competencies. Add a job title from users/job titles with an option that automatically adds competencies to the job title.


Tag content and resources with competencies

#2 Raise the bar on gamification

  • Allow players to be promoted and demoted in a game, within a designated period of time (monthly, weekly, etc.) with periodic promotion/demotion. During the game, players are randomly assigned into groups. Every period, the groups are reassigned. At the end of the designated period, the top players are promoted to the next level and the players at the bottom of the leaderboard are demoted to the previous level.
  • Allow players to see their game list and status with the new home dashboard games widget.

New home dashboard games widget

#3 Work together with more Integrations

  • Access edX and a list of third party content integrations that includes: Coursera, Go1, edX, LinkedIn Learning and Udemy.
  • Purchase content directly from CYPHER Learning. Go1 is now available for purchase directly from us. Please contact sales for more info.
  • Seamlessly create workflows with CYPHER Connect. Workflow integration is now available between the CYPHER and thousands of other enterprise applications including HRIS and CRMs. Ranging from simple actions to complex workflows, create workflow integrations with a point-and-click graphical interface and without requiring IT support or programmers to ensure that your data flows smoothly between applications based on your business scenarios. Learn more:

#4 Make life easier for learners and instructors

  • Google Drive Assignments Integration. Learners receive a copy of the initial doc to create their submission, allowing them to author directly from within Google docs embedded into the CYPHER platform, and allowing course instructor to see and grade Google document submissions. To learn more about the cool things that we do with Google, check out how the CYPHER learning platform integrates Google tools for education.

    google-drive-assignmentsGoogle Drive Integration
  • Release grades instantly or manually. The new manual option allows instructors to keep grading hidden from students until all grades are entered and release them simultaneously.

    Release grades instantly or manually

  • Enable automatically enrollment from a waitlist based on enrollment capacity. When enrollment for a course exceeds the maximum enrollment number, students are automatically put on a waitlist. When enrollment falls below the maximum enrollment number, waitlisted learners are automatically enrolled and notified in the same order that they were added to the waitlist.

New features available now on the CYPHER platform

If you're a current CYPHER customer, you can start using them now on the CYPHER platform. If you are ready to experience firsthand how CYPHER can help your organization with a competency-based learning approach to make learning, fun, meaningful, and effective for modern learners, schedule a free demo.