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Learning Management Integrations Made Easy with Connect by CYPHER

Learning Management Integrations Made Easy with Connect by CYPHER

These days, how we work and learn feel like they’re in a constant state of change, and businesses are struggling to keep up with it all. With all of this change, How does your organization:

  • Maintain productivity in today’s remote and hybrid work environments?
  • Build proper competency across an organization?
  • Keep skills and skillsets current and simultaneously adapt to unpredictability and rapid change?

Learning platform integration struggles are especially real for corporate trainers, who often must make order out of chaos while delivering a successful program, achieving results, and keeping employees engaged. These trainers rely on inflexible, legacy training technologies that can’t keep pace with changing business requirements, preferences and habits. Some have fallen so far behind, that they hinder learner and instructor productivity. CYPHER eases the struggle of integration and allows you new flexibility with Connect. To be effective, Learning and Development (L&D) needs a technology foundation that:

  • Easily adapts to the needs of the business, the trainer and the employees
  • Allows them to respond quickly to changing requirements and workflows, with minimal effort,
  • Seamlessly integrates into existing systems and workflows, from third-party content and communication to file-sharing and other apps, accessing data sets and capabilities that will enrich the learning experience and reflect the real-time needs of their employees.
  • Doesn't require an engineering degree or IT intervention.

The good news is that there is a new breed of cloud-based learning platform that makes integration easier, saving companies time and money and, most importantly, delivering a highly adaptable, robust and modern corporate learning solution that is truly capable of delivering promise to unleash learning and employee potential. 

Connecting for a richer learning experience

Even for companies with robust employee training programs, keeping track of employee development is a tedious challenge. Synchronization between LMSs and common human resource (HR) solutions changes this, making it easier for supervisors and HR to track employee progress, comprehension, completion and engagement. For example, when a new employee is added to the human resources information system (HRIS), HR can automatically enroll them in an onboarding program at the same time, and eliminate the chance of someone falling through the cracks. When an employee completes an online training course, the milestone can be automatically recorded in the HRIS under that employee’s professional accomplishments. 

A simple integration makes it all possible

Bi-directional communication between the two systems ensures L&D and HR functions are always synchronized in terms of employee progress across a professional development path. This view creates a more well-rounded view of the employee and provides management visibility into an organization’s overall skills inventory and level of employee engagement.
While a simple integration makes it all possible, legacy LMS technologies weren’t designed to enable this degree of interconnectivity without huge investment of time and money on the part of the customer. It's also why CYPHER Learning takes a unique approach to platform integration, one that is winning over corporations of all sizes and changing perspectives on what’s possible via integration on a cloud-based platform. Connect integration allows you to:

  • Simplify workflow integration and enables you to seamlessly create workflows between the Cypher platform and other enterprise applications including HRIS and CRMs.

  • Integrate with over 1,000+ SaaS applications, databases, AI services, API, and more ranging from simple actions to complex workflows.

  • Quickly create workflow integrations with a point-and-click graphical interface, and without requiring IT support or programmers to ensure that your data flows smoothly between applications based on your business scenarios.

  • Sync data, automate workflows, access web services, or integrate with messaging platforms and more.

Integrations made simple with Connect by CYPHER

CYPHER Learning customers already enjoy seamless and simple integration with hundreds of the most popular applications among training audiences, such as Google Drive, Microsoft 365, GoToMeeting and more. These API and Zapier-based integrations are all available via the App Center.

CYPHER-AppCenter-integration-screenCYPHER App Center

Training organizations can easily customize their instance of the platform with hundreds of applets to add extended capabilities like dashboards, recommendation engines,  e-commerce, collaboration and more. And they can enable or disable access based on program need – integrations are easy to install and configure, requiring no special technical or engineering skills.

Connect Community Library

Now enter Connect, a new capability on the cloud-based CYPHER Learning platform that provides comprehensive workflow integrations and lets organizations personalize L&D journeys based on department, function, tenure and more. Hundreds of workflow integrations are available via Connect, such as HRIS or CRM workflows. Trainers can create and deploy highly customized workflows with advanced automation that goes beyond simple if-then rules – rather, they can map out a sequence that says “if A and B, then C, then D,” and so on. For example, if an administrator adds a new employee to the HRIS and that employee’s account type is “Student,” the employee is automatically added to the LMS as “Learner” and then enrolled in an onboarding path complete with the associated personalized notifications.

Open a world of possibilities with CYPHER integrations

It’s imperative to find solutions that free your organization to deliver the most impactful learning experiences possible, quickly and easily. The versatility of Connect enables training organizations to integrate applications and workflows from simple to complex, allowing companies of all sizes and across industries to navigate integrations between their various internal systems and other third-party sources with minimal effort.

Seamless integrations like Connect help you to quickly create a positive and productive work environment for everyone. Connect and open up an entirely new world of possibilities for your organization. Learn more on about CYPHER integrations.