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Go From Boring to Brilliant with a Modern Learning Platform: Six Ways CYPHER Injects Fun Into Learning


Traditional learning management systems are often associated with boredom and monotony, a necessary evil for delivering mandatory training and compliance courses, and meeting requirements, but it doesn’t have to be this way anymore. 

Discussing best practices for learning platforms and the importance of modern learning systems in When Did Learning Stop Being Fun, a recent podcast on BeltWay Broadcast, our CEO and Founder Graham Glass said, “I wanted to create a modern learning platform that would make learning fun again, whether it's academia or businesses, because it is an area that could really do with a bit of fun injection.”

And that’s what this post is about: how the CYPHER platform has injected much needed fun into learning with an approach that combines fun and a modern learning approach that aligns with learning objectives and individual learning paths, to make learning more enjoyable, but also more memorable, meaningful, and effective.

However, before we get into the specifics of how the CYPHER platform makes learning fun, let’s first talk about why fun and learning go well together.

Does learning need to be fun to be effective? Should making learning fun be an objective?

Ever heard someone say that learning isn’t supposed to be fun? I bet you have. A quick Google search gleans lots of differing opinions, articles, studies, and dissertations that assert the idea that trying to make learning fun fails, and asking us bewilderedly, where did we ever get the idea that learning should be fun? And in the world of work, we often eliminate fun and take it out of the equation. For example, if we're doing compliance training, it has to be serious and it cannot be fun.

Some of these naysayers define fun in learning as the mistake of allowing learners pursue their own independent goals. Are these opinions wrong? Does the pursuit of fun derail effective learning? Do we get more out of learning if we’re uncomfortable, challenged, and pushed out of our comfort zone? And maybe most important, are effective learning and fun mutually exclusive objectives? Can you be pushed out of your comfort zone, face learning challenges, and achieve better learning outcomes because it was also made enjoyable?

CYPHER doesn’t think effective learning and fun are mutually exclusive objectives. As Graham Glass says, "Modern LMSs are transforming the way we learn by making it more engaging, interactive, and personalized. With the help of technologies such as gamification, social learning, and AI, learners can now enjoy the learning process and achieve their learning objectives more effectively." 

Graham adds, “If you're an educator like myself and you want to create educational content, you wanna make it so it's really fun with surprises and delights. People take twists and turns as they go. And it's still a corporate system. CYPHER is among the best of the best modern learning platforms in terms of features. But it's all about doing it in a way that's more creative and more fun, and that aligns closely to the learning objectives.” 

Six Ways the CYPHER Platform Injects Fun Into Learning 

Modern learning platforms like CYPHER are changing both the way we learn and the negative perceptions about fun and learning by incorporating new technologies and features that make learning engaging, interactive, fun, and at the same time, meaningful and effective. Here are six ways that CYPHER injects fun into learning:

  • Gamification – The CYPHER platform incorporates game elements such as points, badges, and leaderboards, but it makes those learning rewards more meaningful by aligning gamification to learning objectives and a competency-based learning approach that motivates learners to actively participate in the learning process.  “Gamification is not just about making learning fun, it’s about engaging learners and making the learning experience more memorable, meaningful, and effective.”
  • Skills development  – Leveraging cutting-edge automation, CYPHER modernizes the conventional competency-based learning approach to skills development, personalizes the user experience, and provides organizations with granular visibility into learner progress, performance, and competency. According to Gartner research, 19% of skill development will be irrelevant in three years and 34% of all employees will need to learn a new-to-the-world skill in the same time frame.  Because skills are continuously expiring, evolving, and emerging, organizations must constantly update, modernize and adjust skills development plans to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the workforce. CYPHER skills development empowers organizations to inspire, develop, and celebrate their learners with  personalized learning, proactive development tracks, and progress mapping that is combined to create a collaborative and entertaining experience.
  • Social learning – Conventional platforms can often seem like abandoned ghost towns of learning, providing a passive learning experience without fostering communication, community, and collaboration. They often lack the feel of a real-time learning environment, which leads to a lack of engagement and motivation among users. The CYPHER platform promotes peer interaction and collaboration with their peers, fostering a supportive community learning environment, and making learning more enjoyable. This human-connection not only enhances the learning experience but also encourages learners to apply their knowledge in real-life situations. In a magic quadrant report, Gartner stated, "Social learning capabilities in a modern learning management system (LMS) can help to enhance the overall learning experience, and encourage learners to collaborate and share knowledge. CYPHER Learning's MATRIX LMS is a great example of a platform that seamlessly integrates social learning features into the overall learning experience."
  • A modern approach that scales  – CYPHER Learning is the only LMS company on the market that provides  unprecedented flexibility, scalability, and customization to create personalized, collaborative learning experiences for each e-learning segment: academia, business, and entrepreneurs. And the modern learner wouldn’t want it any other way. Our platform is built from the ground-up with automation, competency-based learning with over sixteen assessment types, world-class gamification, personalized skills development, enterprise-strength integrations, thoughtful human-centered connections (forums, 50+ languages, Universal Translator, wikis, chat, etc.), robust analytics and reporting.  "CYPHER Learning's LMS is a great example of a modern learning management system that is designed to engage learners and improve performance. With features like gamification, social learning, and personalized learning paths, it provides a complete learning experience that keeps learners motivated and engaged." - Brandon Hall, Chief Operating Officer of Brandon Hall Group
  • CYPHER Copilot helps instructors to design courses and build curriculum, and create engaging and comprehensive courses in minutes - AND in your chosen language! Accelerated curriculum and course design, course outlines, descriptions and content in over 50 languages. Copilot enables you to:
    • Generate modules allowing the selection of materials that reflect individuals’ style and objectives in a fast and cost-effective way.
    • Create targeted assessments to track learner progression and identify gaps, including Rubric creation and question banks. Copilot helps trainers and educators to automatically generate detailed quizzes, games, and assessments to help evaluate learner progress.
    • Embed  gamification to increase learner engagement. Copilot gamifies courses to bring development to life and inspire learners, improving information retention and understanding to deliver better outcomes.
  • Competency-based learning approach: Competency-based learning unlocks the potential for personalized learning, but on conventional platforms, it's extremely labor intensive and requires more time than most people have in their day. In addition to providing an engaging and personalized, modern learning experience supported by unique skills development features, site-wide automation, gamification, and flexible integrations, CYPHER takes a competency-based learning approach that ensures learners demonstrate mastery of a skill or concept before they move forward to the next lesson.

    A Gartner report said,  "CYPHER Learning's LMS provides a highly effective platform for competency-based learning, offering features like personalized learning paths, adaptive assessments, and real-time feedback that enable learners to develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their roles." Additionally with CYPHER Copilot, instructors and administrators can save a lot of time by getting guided assistance in:
    • Generating competencies

    • Creating modules aligned to those competencies,

    • Creating the question banks and the essays aligned automatically to those competencies even down to the question level

    • Embedding gamification

Accelerate learning–make it more meaningful and effective by injecting fun into your learning environment

According to the eLearning Industry, the global LMS market is projected to reach $22.4 billion by 2023. This growth can be attributed to the increasing demand for personalized and adaptive learning experiences. Modern LMSs are expected to cater to the needs and preferences of individual learners, ensuring that they receive relevant content and activities that align with their learning objectives.

By incorporating new technologies and features, CYPHER makes learning fun, in a way that aligns to learning goals and objectives, ensures that learners stay engaged and motivated, and results in improved learning outcomes. And as the demand for personalized and adaptive learning experiences continues to grow, we can expect the modern LMS to play an even greater role in shaping the future of education and training.

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