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U.S. News' Top LMS for personalized skills development

Delivered at scale with smart and proactive recommendations: Up-skill, re-skill, cross-skill

U.S. News' Top LMS for
Skills development

Personalized skills development

Delivered at scale with smart and proactive recommendations: Up-skill, re-skill, cross-skill

Skills development is not new, so what’s the big deal?

The concept of skills development has been around for decades. So, why is it such a hot topic…again? Traditional learning platforms continue to use self-assessment methods for determining skill mastery. This leads to misalignment with actual skill mastery because the learner doesn’t know what they don’t know. Learning content that is not tailored to individual needs results in disengaged learners and a lackluster experience. No one has been able to deliver on the promise of skills development and do it right. Until now. CYPHER Learning has the magic modern learners expect.

Old way

Modern way

Focused on the skills category
Focused on the person
Self-assessment of skills knowledge
Precise and unbiased assessment toward skills mastery
Minimal human engagement
Always-on human connection
Manual and time-consuming
Automated and time-efficient

Supercharged skills development. In minutes.

Use AI 360 with CYPHER Copilot, to accelerate the creation of gamified, multimedia courses, and assessments in minutes - laying the foundations for personalized skills development at scale.

AI 360 with CYPHER Copilot

How CYPHER modernizes skills development

If businesses want to see some serious skills growth, they can't just stop at the hiring stage. Personalized skills development must be a key part of their talent management strategy. Let's not forget about schools and universities, too! If they want their students to really shine and reach their full potential, they need to go beyond just teaching and make personalized skills development a core part of their educational strategy. CYPHER brings a new school approach to an old school model making personalized skills development a reality.

Competency-based learning

CYPHER goes beyond traditional ad-hoc and topic based skills development with competency-based learning that delivers customized experiences.

CYPHER delivers personalization, precision, and proactive recommendations at scale. There is clarity of level mastery for each competency, recommendations based on what is needed to master remaining competencies, and multiple assessments of each competency for reliable results.

Competency-based learning

Insightful assessments

Single exams on broad topics disguise gaps. Choose from over 16 assessment types, including question banks, essays, gamification, and self-evaluation for learners to demonstrate proficiency and competency.

Trainers and teachers can better assess the learner’s needs and modify instruction or eliminate skill gaps as needed.


Keep the human connection

CYPHER is the only platform to provide a Universal Translator for real-time communications such as messages and posting. Connect with others who share the same learning goals. This brings communities closer together - no matter where they are - to help build new skills - no matter what they are.

Feel close to your learning community even when physically apart with wikis, forums, chat, the Green Dot activity indicator, and scrolling real-time widgets.

Human connection

More time to teach and train

CYPHER is the only platform with platform-wide automation supporting gamification, skills development, competency, mastery, course development, on-boarding, compliance, and more.

With 25+ automated actions, we give trainers, L&D pros, teachers, course creators, and admins the gift of time. Time to focus on training. Time to be creative. Time to problem-solve. Time to connect with learners.


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Frequently asked questions

An ability that you develop through learning, practice, and experience.

Cognitive, socio-emotional, technology, and digital.

The process of acquiring and improving the skills and knowledge.

Set of skills, knowledge, abilities, and attributes that an individual possesses which enables them to perform a specific job or task.

Competency-based learning, also known as mastery-based or proficiency-based learning, is an educational approach that focuses on learners acquiring and demonstrating specific knowledge, skills, and abilities at their own pace. This approach shifts the focus from traditional time-based measures, such as grade levels and credit hours, to an emphasis on ensuring that students achieve mastery in each competency before moving on to the next one.

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