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Cut course creation costs by 80%

Create 80% of a course including gamification, rubrics, assessments and competencies in minutes. Save thousands of dollars. Get more time back to teach and train.

Time and costs to create a course

  • 43 hours. Each hour of instructional content takes about 43 hours to create
  • 10 modules. A typical course has 10 modules (3 content sessions, 2 assessments) = 1 hour of content
  • $35 USD per hour. A typical instructional designer in the USA costs around $35 USD per hour

It takes 430 hrs (10 x 43 = 430 hours) and costs about $15,000 USD (430 x $35 USD = $15,000 USD) to create a course.

Creating courses using AI 360 with CYPHER Copilot

It takes minutes and costs under $10 USD per course.

AI 360 with CYPHER Copilot saves 80% of the time, saving you $12,000 USD per course. You take care of the 20% that provides the lasting impact.

Bottom line? Massive ROI.

$12,000 USD savings, $10 cost.

Download AI 360 with CYPHER Copilot ROI PDF
About AI 360 with CYPHER Copilot

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