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24h Educations - Sharing knowledge for good

January 19, 2023

CYPHER LEARNING presents 24h Education - a global, virtual education marathon for 24 hrs!

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Automate tasks

Make your work more efficient using automation


Trigger actions when users complete tasks

Set up actions that should be performed when learners join your site, enroll in groups, complete courses, and more. This powerful feature helps you deliver a more personalized learning experience.


Various automation options

Choose the type of action you want to add such as awarding points and badges, enrolling learners in courses, locking/unlocking content, sending custom messages, and more.

Choose where to add rules

Rules can be added in many areas of the platform such as courses, groups, and accounts.


Define the course flow

Drip content allows you to schedule learner access to content rather than have it all available at once.