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AI 360 with CYPHER Copilot

AI-powered tool. World’s first.

AI 360 with Copilot accelerates the creation of competency-based, gamified courses, with assessments in minutes - laying the foundations for personalized learning at scale. Get more time to do the things that matter most. See what your peers think in this report: Generative AI in 2024: A potential lifeline amid workplace turbulence

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The company hoping to transform education with AI | CNN Business

Graham Glass, the founder and CEO of CYPHER Learning, joins Julia Chatterley to discuss how AI will transform education.

CBS News TechWatch talks AI and education with Graham Glass

CYPHER Learning CEO Graham Glass talks to CBS News TechWatch about why putting AI in teachers' hands is a powerful tool.

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CYPHER closes the
time, speed, and cost gaps


Time gap
Never enough time

Developing a high-quality learning program is time-consuming, taking over 430 hours on course content alone. Integrating essential elements like competency mapping and gamification can exacerbate delays, straining L&D professionals and educators. AI 360 not only delivers customized course content but also automates competency mapping, gamification, quizzes, and study guides, ensuring more efficient and elevated learning experiences.

After using Copilot: more time to teach and train

  • Drastically reduce content development time
  • Respond to training and education needs swiftly
  • Get faster return on training and education investments

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83% of customers surveyed say they can now deliver a course in less than 15 working days!

Speed gap
Never enough people

L&D and educators can’t keep up with the content and training demands from numerous business units on top of onboarding, compliance, and other duties. Plus, you receive requests to have programs and courses done…like yesterday! You can never move fast enough.

After using Copilot: keep pace with change

  • Keep pace with changes in trends, roles, and fields
  • Stay aligned with real-time developments
  • Increase agility and adaptability when needed

View the survey details

82% of customers surveyed say they can now update courses at least 1x year!

Cost gap
Never enough money

Traditional content development and delivery is expensive. You need multiple tools to develop and deliver content – a cumbersome and complex endeavor costing you precious time, money, and energy.

After using Copilot: reduce costs

  • Significantly lower content creation costs
  • Free up L&D and educator time and funding
  • Optimize limited L&D,HR, and education budgets

View the survey details

77% of customers surveyed say course creation will now cost less than $1K per course!

Customers experiencing AI 360 with Copilot's magic

What Brandon Hall Group says about CYPHER Copilot

See AI 360 with Copilot in action!

Graham Glass, CEO, demonstrates the power of AI 360 with Copilot. See how Copilot takes care of the tedious aspects of course creation while adding dynamic, engaging, and gamified learning elements.


Do this and more with AI 360 with Copilot

Automated course creation in minutes that you can edit any way you want

  • Course modules with outlines, content, video, study guides, glossaries and more!
  • Competency and skills mapping with 3000+ already preloaded
  • Gamification – Automatic creation of awards, badges, and periodic leveling to recognize learner achievements and enhance engagement
  • Assessments – AI-created question banks, quizzes, group assignments, individual assignments, essays (automatically mapped to rubrics!), and tests that you can use as is or edit
  • Media options - Have AI generate images for all your modules! Use the media picker to select images or videos you want to use inside your course content
  • AI voice synthesis - Choose from different voices (or use your own!) to add audio to your courses
  • 50+ languages – Create a course in a language you want

Automated course creation in minutes

How this helps you

  • Ability to keep pace with change
  • Increase employee productivity, engagement, and performance
  • Better knowledge dissemination
  • Enhanced training effectiveness

What’s new?


Control and choose your content

Upload a resource (video, PDF, etc.) to create  customized courses and programs unique to your terminology, processes, brand, and culture. You have the choice as to what content is included and what isn’t. 

How this helps you

  • Competitive advantage
  • Shorten time to market
  • Faster skill acquisition

Read-aloud lessons in one click

Transform static lessons into engaging, multisensory experiences with CYPHER’s cutting-edge voice synthesis capabilities. Explore 35+ voices. Easily adjust reading speeds. Upload your own voice, too!


How this helps you

  • Accessibility
  • Multisensory learning
  • Improved language learning
  • Increased engagement

Keep content credibility with cross-check

AI 360 uses multiple AI technologies to cross-check against one another and reduce the likelihood of false positives, so you can have greater trust in the information outputs. 


How this helps you

  • Retain content integrity
  • Guard against AI hallucination
Let CYPHER Copilot do 80% of the mundane work
You take care of the 20% for lasting impact

CYPHER can feed your hungry LMS

CYPHER can be an LTI consumer like other LMSs, but is unique since it is also an LTI provider. Publish content within CYPHER to any LMS platform (Canvas, Blackboard etc.) that supports LTI. 


AI 360 with Copilot FAQs

How long does it take to create a course with AI 360 with Copilot

We are currently seeing an average of 5 to 10 minutes to create a comprehensive course including assessments, gamification, competency, and more. Though AI 360 with Copilot can get 80% of the mundane work done in minutes, the final 20% still needs human intelligence to validate the content and overall learning experience. Afterall, it's called Copilot, not auto pilot.

We use a variety of AI technologies. At CYPHER, we take a holistic approach called AI 360 - a thoughtfully guided and purposeful packaging of AI to benefit everyone involved in the learning experience.

If you used ChatGPT this is what you would need to do for a single course with the assumption that it would require 150 inquiries to use ChatGPT to create a course.

  1. Identify the 150 inquires (questions) you need to ask ChatGPT
  2. Ask ChatGPT 150 questions
  3. Consolidate all the responses
  4. Put the responses in a course template
  5. Remaining steps are manual such as formatting, gamification, assessments, competencies mapping, and rubrics mapping. Not to mention you'll need to manually add and source visuals, video, and audio options. 

So while useful to get base content, that is ChatGPT where it stops.

No. AI 360 with Copilot is guided and meaningful with AI-packaged up behind the scenes. You don’t need to be trained on how Microsoft Word works, you just need to know how to use it. Right? Same for AI 360 with Copilot.

It’s real - this is NOT a BETA release. Customers are already using and experiencing significant savings in time and cost from AI 360. CYPHER is the first and only company to leverage AI for customers to upload their own resources such as video and PDFs in order to create customized courses using their own brand, terminology, and style. Beyond this astonishing capability, innovation and automation are foundations of the CYPHER platform. AI is integrated across and into our core capabilities. AI is not an afterthought nor was it shoehorned into our platform.

Yes! Using the LTI standard, CYPHER can publish courses into any other LMS that uses LTI. This means you get more than just beautiful course content. You also get engaging and comprehensive gamification, assessments, competencies, reporting and measurement when using the CYPHER platform. See more about LTI

Yes! We have enterprise-class integration capabilities that make it easy. See more about integrations.

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