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Moving from offline to online teaching

Early Learning Innovations, LLC (ELI) USA
Early Learning Innovations, LLC (ELI)

Early Learning Innovations, LLC (ELI) provides professional development for early childhood teachers. They cater to those who teach at Head Start, preschools, and family child care homes. While they have provided live training for more than two decades, they have only recently expanded into online educational opportunities. They have over 80 years of combined experience in early childhood, in various settings including preschool, infant, toddler, and family childcare; as well as directors for both a large non-profit preschool and a nationally known corporate childcare center. Janice Jobey, specialist at ELI, tells us about her experience with CYPHER Learning®.

What were the business's challenges before CYPHER?

I've had some experience with teaching online for a period of time, so I knew what it was like to transition from a hands-on teacher to an online teacher. I knew this was something I wanted to incorporate in my business as well. Our students' lives demanded flexibility and alternatives to traditional learning, and I was eager to set the stage for our industry.

My main competitor offered "correspondence type" courses with only an online test, so I knew we could do better. I wanted interaction with my students and that's when we decided to get an LMS. Our main problem was finding an LMS that we could afford.

Starting out small in itself was a challenge, but being able to offer training that was cost effective for us and affordable for students was our greatest challenge.

We also wanted to be able to personalize the LMS to our needs. We were looking for an LMS with a variety of learning experiences, that made it easy to copy and reuse classes, that had automated course offerings, interactive learning, and of course an LMS that offered the possibility of making profit from courses.

How did you find a solution?

We searched the internet, looked at several LMSs, compared them, and in the end we chose CYPHER because we liked its features and the pricing.

What results have you noticed since using CYPHER?

We have really grown, going from 20 students to more than 300 students and I see us growing even more. Our instructors enjoy the easy management of grades, the ability to copy course content, and the mobile grading. The learners like the forums, discussions, and debates features. There are still a lot of features that we haven't explored yet, but we would like to learn more about.

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