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The Business Blog is now 4!

November 10th marked the happy anniversary of the Business Blog! It turned four! It’s been four years since the very first blog post has been published on this blog. How time flies!

In this fourth year of blogging on MATRIX we learned a lot. And if you’re a regular reader of this blog, I hope you did too. From micro learning to training remote employees to xAPI to the role of the LMS in the success of a company — and everything in between — the 102 posts that have been published on the Business Blog in the last 12 months covered oh so many subjects related to workplace training and learning technologies for business organizations.

The combined effort of the entire MATRIX team — and all our readers — made our blog climb even more in the mighty list of all e-learning blogs, settling in the first 4%. Hopefully this percent will get tinier and tinier over the years.

And now, please allow us to brag a little about our best performing articles from the past year:

Top 10 blog posts on MATRIX

After mixing numbers of page views, the time spent on page and social sharing with extra special topics and a pinch of subjectivity, we present to you 10 of the Business Blog’s best posts from the fourth year of its existence:

  1. Top 5 e-learning trends for 2019 [INFOGRAPHIC]

    As the year is coming to a close, there is one thing concerning corporate learning that holds specialists’ attention and that is the road it seems to be taking in the following year. It’s obvious that like all things digital, online training is subject to constant transformation, upgrading and becoming increasingly user-centered. 2019 has been a great year to be (and learn) online.

  2. Things to consider when designing training to upskill remote workers

    No matter where they are based, all employees need to constantly get their skills set updated. HR and L&D professionals need to overcome plenty of challenges to help and support remote workers do that. If they learn to work around time zones, pick the right tech tools and translate training materials when needed, they have higher chances of success.

  3. Implications of the Self Determination Theory in the workplace

    With newer generations proving to be completely different and increasingly harder to manage as a demographic than their predecessors, it’s crucial for organizations to tap into the potential of harnessing self-directed motivation and learn about the implications of the Self Determination theory.

  4. Employee-generated learning: What you need to know

    Today’s workers search for online resources and courses whenever they are faced with a challenge or need to solve a problem. These resources are not necessarily the work of internal learning designers but created by peers and professionals working in the same field.

  5. Top 3 tips for creating professional looking videos for training

    In the case of e-learning, users find it easier to go through if a lot of the material is either film or animation. Static screens with lots of text on them are something of the past. In the face of this increasing appetence for video, L&D professionals need to get up to speed and become competent in creating relevant video content fast.

  6. 5 Simple ways to encourage learning every single day

    The modern workplace is constantly evolving. If you foster a culture of learning, you ensure that your organization evolves alongside it. Don’t get stuck on formal development or training program. Instead, start encouraging daily learning so your staff won’t be left behind.

  7. What L&D professionals need to know about curating learning content

    L&D professionals also have to wear the cape of curators. Art curators have to set up displays that will delight and move viewers; L&D specialists have to make available modules that will help develop employee skills, engage and stimulate growth.

  8. Using LMS reports to find pain points in the company’s e-learning programs

    There is that popular saying that „information is power”. In this case, gathering relevant data from the LMS to identify and address the pain points that arise in e-learning programs gives L&D specialists the power to design and deploy better courses with a greater positive impact in the organization.

  9. 10 Great tools to quickly elevate corporate training [Infographic]

    Trainers are in charge of organizing sessions, creating course materials, evaluating courses and finding the appropriate tools to accomplish everything. The pressure to digitize training is higher than ever before. That is why we have searched high and low for tech that can elevate your training right away.

  10. Will Artificial Intelligence make face-to-face training redundant?

    Artificial Intelligence seems to be on the track of taking over the world. Many fear the loss of jobs AI will inevitably lead to. Could L&D professionals, and especially trainers, be on that list? Actually, there are a few reasons people activating in this industry have nothing to fear.

And these were the top-performing 10 posts on the Business Blog, from the fourth year of its existence.

Celebrating the 4th anniversary of the Business Blog

The MATRIX team don't really need a reason to enjoy home-made cupcakes, but since the Business Blog is now 4, the cupcakes we had were even more delicious!

MATRIX 4th-Blog-Anniversary with cupcakes

Happy anniversary, Business Blog! MATRIX LMS is proud of you. May there be many happy returns of this day! (And also cupcakes!)