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Meet NEO at OEB 2017!

The only constant is change. This doctrine of change being central to the universe is thousands of years old, yet it seems so contemporary. In fact, change is so ingrained in every aspect of our daily lives that we always wonder about what will happen next. We juggle probabilities way more often than we base our decisions on certainties.

So how can we benefit from uncertainty? How can we use volatility in our advantage? How should universities, colleges and schools adapt? Going further with the questions, can we learn uncertainty? How should it be taught? And how can we learn uncertainty if the future of learning itself is unclear?

These are the questions the OEB Conference is planning to ask and find answers to. This year’s edition of Online Educa Berlin is about acknowledging uncertainty and preparing for it.

OEB 2017: shaping the future of learning

OEB — Online Educa Berlin — is a global, cross-sector conference on technology-supported education and training. This conference gathers together in Berlin thousands of stakeholders from the education sector, business, government, research and NGOs to explore many important areas of learning and technology.

Rebecca Stromeyer, Executive Director of OEB Global says,

In a rapidly changing global climate, OEB places our attendees at the cutting edge of digital education. Our conference programme is crafted to fit every style of learning - from discussions and debates, to hands-on workshops and interactive breakout sessions, with exhibitors and guests from startups through to the most established corporations.

The agenda of the 23rd edition of this conference is packed-full with hand-on workshops, interactive break-out sessions, plenary sessions, panel talks, a plenary debate and various networking sessions.

Most of the attendees will be from Europe, but North America and the rest of the continents will also be represented.The keynote speakers and all the event organizers will make sure the time spent there will be more than worthwhile for everyone attending.

Meet NEO at OEB 2017!

Among the 80+ exhibitors that will participate at OEB 2017 merely a week from now you’ll find NEO LMS. We’ll be at Booth C93.

We’re looking forward to connect to education professionals, policy makers, Higher Education leaders and all the brightest minds of ed tech in the bear-scattered city of Berlin. Seriously, there are bears everywhere! Buddy bears, that is.

We take pride in being part of the network of people who strive to deliver the best learning solutions for educational institutions and design cutting-edge strategies to integrate technology in education and transform learning and teaching.

Come by our Booth C93!

The NEO team is really excited to be part of OEB 2017 and has already prepared plenty of surprises. We’ll share our latest news about our features and upcoming functionalities and there will be some take-aways as well.

Drop by our booth if you’re curious to find out how our learning management system could solve a hassle or support the ed-tech initiatives in your educational institution. The NEO team will offer personalized live demos of our system.

We’re looking forward to see you in Berlin next week!

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