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Meet NEO at BETT 2018!

The future is like a coin: there has always been — and there will always be — two sides to it: fear and excitement. People have been afraid of the future since forever. Not knowing for sure what tomorrow has in store can really be stressful. At the same time, thinking about the future and realizing our present actions can have an influence over it unleashed our creativity like nothing else.

Because of this fear of the future and thanks to this excitement about it, we have transformed our world into what it is today. And we keep doing this. On and on. In every aspect of our lives.

Education has come a long way since its inception. Some students today learn in high-tech environments that their grandfathers couldn’t even imagine when they had to go to school. Considering how fast education technology is evolving, this could remain true when today’s students become grandfathers themselves.

So if we want to create a better future, no matter if we’re afraid of or excited about it, we must continue transforming education. And attending BETT this year is a great first step.

Bett Show 2018: Creating a better future by transforming education

Bett or The Bett Show (formerly known as the British Educational Training and Technology Show) is an annual trade show that goes back to more than 30 years.

With each year that goes by BETT attracts more and more visitors and exhibitors. The 2018 edition will bring together 850 leading companies, 103 exciting new edtech startups and almost 35,000 attendees — teachers, school leaders, instructional designers, and all in all curious people — from more than 100 countries.

What will all of these people be doing during the four days of the event? They will be celebrating, finding inspiration and discussing the future of education, as well as the role technology and innovation plays in enabling all educators and learners to thrive. In other words, they will be creating a better future by transforming education.

How, you may wonder? Well, this video speaks for itself:



Meet NEO at BETT 2018!

Exactly one week from now the NEO team will be present — for the second time — at the ExCeL Expo Hall, eager to meet everyone there. Let’s all contribute to the creation of a better future by transforming education!

Meet us at Booth F302!

Drop by our booth in any day of the event to meet the team, chat about online learning, student engagement, 21st Century learning solutions and how could we all transform education for a better future, and also see what we’ve been up to lately.

In case you’re not already familiar with our amazing system, our team will be happy to hold a live product demo for you to see how NEO LMS can work for your educational institution. Bring your questions along and be prepared to have interesting conversations!

If you do know what NEO can do for your school or university, drop by our booth to be among the first to learn about our plans for the future! We will be showcasing our newest features: a Windows mobile app, a new gradebook design and performance improvements, a new design for lessons, and more.

And if our advice and guidance on how to effectively manage online teaching and learning will not be enough, you can also drop by our booth to try your luck. We have prepared a raffle with prizes! What could you win? It’s a surprise! The only way to find out is to find the NEO booth in the Expo Hall. It’s F302!

We’re really looking forward to meet you at BETT 2018!

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