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Meet NEO at ISTE 2019!

Philadelphia is the birthplace of American independence, with the Declaration of Independence signed there in 1776 and the Liberty Bell still present in the city center as a symbol of that great historic moment. The city today is one of the largest within the US and is home to more outdoor sculptures and murals than in any other American urban areas. For a few days at the end of this month Philadelphia will also be home to the most comprehensive educational technology conference in the world: ISTE.

Bold educators go to ISTE 2019

Each year ISTE gathers together tens of thousands of educators from all around the world, who share a deep interest in how technology can be used in the classroom. The annual event attracts over 16,000 attendees and industry representatives, including teachers, technology coordinators, administrators, library media specialists, teacher educators and policymakers. They share ideas and support each other in transforming their classrooms in true digital-age learning environments.

This year’s edition will have:

  • Over 1700 sessions in a variety of formats, packed full with information about innovative learning environments, communication and collaboration tools, online resources and more
  • Over 3000 speakers that will present these sessions and interact with the public and providing many more learning opportunities.
  • Hundreds of exhibitors in a massive expo hall, of which NEO is very proud to be a part yet again!

Meet NEO at ISTE 2019

The NEO team are almost on their way to Philadelphia! The Pennsylvania Convention Center holds a very dear spot in all our hearts, as that was the place of our very first ISTE, back in 2015. How time flies!

Make your way in the expo hall to Booth 900, where you’ll find the NEO team eager to share insights on how to effectively manage online classroom activities and also showcase our product’s newest features:

  • The drag and drop widgets allow users to choose from a library of built-in widgets to customize their dashboards, groups, classes, or learning paths. Users can also add their own widgets using custom HTML. This feature enables teachers to personalize the learning experience for their students.
  • Proctored assignments allow teachers to add restrictions to assignments, so that students can only access them if certain conditions are met (such as entering an access code) if the start time of the assignment has been reached and/or if the student is accessing an assignment from a specific IP address.
  • The new public profile pages allow users to share their NEO profiles with the public and pass on their achievements in learning. Users can customize their profiles with images, info, and share items such as badges, certificates, and courses through social media.

Drop by our booth and discover the many surprises and interactive activities we have prepared for you. There will be some colorful prizes on the spot!

Check out our Poster session!

If 2015 was the first time we attended ISTE in Philadelphia, 2019 is the first time we’re presenting a session at ISTE in Philadelphia. Jen Padernal, our Global Director of E-learning Integration will hold an interactive poster presentation: "How Teachers Can Enhance Students' Work-Ready Skills With Sway".

Jenielyn is a passionate educator with more than 20 years of experience. She was a teacher for several years at De La Salle University-Dasmariñas in Cavite, Philippines and the Virtual Learning Environment Coordinator. Jen is also a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, Microsoft Master Trainer and Microsoft Innovative Educator. Her involvement in the Microsoft community and her passion for education and technology led her to become a “teaching with technology” trainer, helping teachers from private and public schools around the world to integrate technology in their classrooms.

In this session Jen will demonstrate how the use of digital tools like Sway in teaching provides educators with ideas and knowledge on how to create technology driven learning activities for their students. Through the practical activities during the session, participants will also gain knowledge on how to initiate collaborative and social learning activities among students. The session can serve as a guide to teachers as to how they can lead, design, collaborate and facilitate learning and how to transform classroom activities easily based on the SAMR model.

  • Title: "How Teachers Can Enhance Students' Work-Ready Skills With Sway"
  • Date: Tuesday, June 25
  • Time: 4:00–6:00 pm
  • Location: Posters: Level 4, Terrace Ballroom Lobby, Table 26

Find more details about Jen’s session here.

See you at ISTE 2019!

Be a bold educator at ISTE 2019 and meet NEO in the expo hall at Booth 900!

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