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Forbes Advisor ranks CYPHER Learning as Best LMS, Enterprise LMS, and Employee Training Software - 2 years in a row

Forbes Advisor announces CYPHER Learning as Best LMS, Enterprise LMS, and Employee Training Software

CYPHER Learning has once again been named the best in several major learning categories by Forbes Advisor! We’re thrilled to celebrate this recognition for the second year in a row.

CYPHER has now earned three prestigious learning management system awards for 2024: Best LMS, Best Enterprise LMS, and Best Employee Training Software for 2024.

While we’ve always been dedicated to providing outstanding learning solutions to users worldwide, these awards showcase the relevance and usability of some of our favorite features. As businesses and educational institutions worldwide continue to embrace e-learning for curriculum and content delivery, we’re leading the industry with forward-thinking ways to improve learning experiences.. 

Here’s what these awards mean for educators, HR trainers, business leaders, product and sales teams, and learning and development professionals around the world who are in pursuit of major learning goals.

Forbes Advisor recognizes CYPHER as Best LMS in 2024

After evaluating several learning management systems, the Forbes Advisor team determined its top list of recommended platforms for the year. Forbes also considered 25 important features, including reporting, certification, gamification, and licensing, in pursuit of the LMS with the most relevant and useful features for users.

CYPHER came in on top! As the Best LMS in 2024, Forbes praised CYPHER’s ease of use and speedy implementation time—even for users with low-code backgrounds. The award recognizes the following CYPHER features across our top uses cases:

  • An intuitive UX that requires little-to-no technical knowledge to create courses
  • Goal establishment with the help of AI for personalized learning paths
  • E-commerce tools that make it easy to sell online courses
  • An efficient mobile app that helps students to learn anywhere
  • Important bonus features like web conferencing, automation, content authoring, and gamification

Plus, check out what Forbes Contributor Amy Nichol Smith had to say about CYPHER as the best learning management system:

“The intuitive user interface (UI) and multiple ways to award employees for using the CYPHER Learning platform scores major points—it’s visually pleasing and keeps employees engaged. Aside from the user experience (UX) though, it’s a comprehensive platform that’s simple to use to create courses and track analytics of employee performance. It doesn’t require advanced coding to create great-looking training modules, and it offers a mobile app to make learning easy on whichever device your employees prefer.”

No matter how or where you look, that’s a major win for employers and their teams!

Forbes Advisor recognizes CYPHER as Best Enterprise LMS

Out of hundreds of available enterprise-level training tools on the market, Forbes Advisor also recognized CYPHER as the Best Enterprise LMS in 2024. In this category, evaluation criteria included user management, course creation and cataloging, online delivery of content, performance tracking and reporting. 

CYPHER rose to the top of the pack for its comprehensive, well-rounded set of features. AI 360 enables users to generate gamified, competency-mapped, and personalized courses fast. Enterprise teams can unlock further learning and development with tools such as our HTML editor, video transcoding, closed captions, adaptive learning, and automation. Enterprise users also get access to in-depth analytics, real-time reporting, competency-based learning, mastery-based learning, and an intuitive quiz system.

Forbes also highlighted CYPHER's gamification, social learning, and mobile learning capabilities as reasons to choose it over other platforms. CYPHER’s supportive training services and customizable pricing plans make it even more attractive to large scale enterprise teams.

Forbes Advisor recognizes CYPHER as Best Employee Training Software in 2024

In addition to receiving accolades as an LMS platform, Forbes also honored CYPHER with the title of Best Employee Training Software in 2024. This particular award acknowledges the importance of corporate training programs, staff onboarding, and compliance or certification.

We’re happy to announce that CYPHER scored major points! Take a peek at what the platform offers in terms of employee training perks:

  • A visually pleasing interface that keeps employees engaged from start to finish
  • An easy-to-join user experience (UX) throughout
  • AI-powered course creation with further customization
  • Real-time employee performance analytics

According to Forbes’ evaluation process, CYPHER doesn’t require advanced coding to create great-looking training modules when compared to other options of similar scope. This means HR leaders and business instructors can focus on the most important work and prioritize employees, too! CYPHER’s mobile app and easy, flexible learning formats helped it claim top honors in this category.

Our corporate training strategy = unlocked

CYPHER’s long list of industry awards all sound great, but why are we really sharing? Because At CYPHER, we know that corporate training is the missing link in your long-term goals. In fact, it’s essential for the growth and development of all employees, regardless of their position or personal growth plan. When businesses invest in online training tools and development programs, it's only fair to expect that they live up to the hype.

With our platform, you can create customizable, modern content that engages and trains your employees in real-time, a valuable feature in the new world of remote work. Furthermore, you’ll be more equipped to deliver engaging, interactive, and measurable training content, which is ideal for all sorts of use cases.

How is CYPHER's learning platform different?

In terms of employee training programs or online courses, CYPHER stands out. How so? We're glad you asked!

Our modern learning platform streamlines your learning tools by combining three powers into one dependable platform: Learning Management System (LMS) + Learning Experience Platform (LXP) + content development – driven by leading AI innovation. CYPHER is the world's first generative AI learning platform designed for anyone who wants to create, teach, train, and learn more quickly. Here’s how that looks in practice:

  • Create courses quicker. With AI 360 with CYPHER Copilot, you can build powerful modules, learner assessments, competency-mapped and gamified courses  and more in mere minutes.
  • Teach and train quicker. With platform-wide automation, course builders will enjoy easy analysis and real-time reporting in just a few clicks.
  • Learn more quicker. CYPHER’s platform is designed to be “just in time, just for me, just the way I want it.” Quick upskilling and skills mastery is the name of the game.

As a training solution, this is as time- and resource-saving as it gets! CYPHER will help you generate the highly personalized online learning content you need, and integrate your tech stack and workflow.

Additionally, enterprise organizations never have to worry about being "behind the times." Our commitment to innovation and in-depth support services make it easier than ever for businesses to charge ahead and scale up.

This year’s learning (and beyond)  

As a collective team, we’re ecstatic about such important industry recognitions. Our customers and clients continue to reach amazing new heights through the platform, which is something that continues to motivate and encourage us.

We’d love to chat with you and show you some of the awesome capabilities CYPHER has to offer, like AI 360 with Copilot. To schedule a demo or learn more, contact us to see a quick demo of AI 360!.