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CYPHER Learning named a G2 Best Software Awards winner 2024
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CYPHER LEARNING Recognized by SIIA as best K-12 remote learning partner

These prestigious, annual awards from the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) recognize the companies producing the most innovative education technology products across the country and around the world.

This year, SIIA recognized our platform NEO LMS as the Winner in the category Best K-12 Remote Learning Partner.

When learning remotely, teachers and students face many challenges. One of the biggest ones is not being able to get instant access to their learning materials and have them all centralized in a single place.

With NEO, our soon-to-be intelligent learning platform, the learning experience is engaging, intuitive, and enjoyable for every user. Teachers are aware of the fact that the one-size-fits-all approach is outdated, so it’s essential to consider individual goals, needs, and interests when creating courses.

The lack of engagement is another pain point that teachers experience. NEO provides a sense of community and makes everyone feel confident in their learning. Users can communicate through the embedded chat function or instant messaging. When providing feedback, teachers can add audio or video recordings for a personal experience.

We also pride ourselves in making learning accessible to all users. Our platform is available in 40+ languages, and it includes features that make learners feel part of a close-knit community. The accessibility features include hidden content that improves screen reader use, underlined links settings, a high contrast theme, and a skip to content shortcut.

Students with disabilities have been using NEO successfully. Teachers structure their lessons, making it easy for students to get familiar with the content from the beginning. They know what comes next and what’s expected from them. “Through this structure, we’re able to teach these students information that they typically wouldn’t be able to access outside of high school or even in high school.” - Cathi Allen, Executive Director, IHECP.

The integration with Amazon Alexa makes NEO an excellent learning tool for teachers and students. Based on voice commands, they can find out if they have any upcoming assignments to prepare for or if there’s any work to grade.

Since many students are digital natives, they need to access their learning materials on the go. NEO makes it easy to access them on different devices, even offline.

During the pandemic, many young learners used NEO daily to continue learning in a modern and convenient environment while schools were able to save money. For example, at De La Salle University-Dasmarinas, they saved $12,600 annually, just on printing materials. At an institution level, the successful implementation of NEO in the DLSU-D campus primarily supports the university’s Center for Innovative Learning Programs.

Another success story that we’d like to share is that of Mindbuilders Preschool. They managed to shift their learning materials online during the pandemic and provide an engaging learning experience for their learners. Despite children’s young age, teachers created a learning atmosphere that excited them to learn new concepts.

These are some of the reasons why NEO is a great remote learning partner no matter what circumstances are involved. It is convenient, featuring a sleek design and features that can be easily customized.

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