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CYPHER LEARNING expands its executive leadership team

CYPHER LEARNING's next phase of growth is marked by the expansion of its executive leadership team, with Jennifer Geisler as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Matt Kane as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). Combined with the prior appointment of Hank Courson, CFO, these proven leaders will help fuel CYPHER LEARNING's global growth, customer success and innovation.

In her role as CMO, Geisler will define and lead CYPHER LEARNING's global marketing strategy with tight alignment across the company that drives scale, customer value and clear differentiation from the traditional learning management system (LMS).

As CRO, Kane will define CYPHER LEARNING's global sales strategy. Kane's passion for customer success will propel revenue growth with high customer retention across Fortune 500 companies and educational institutions.

"Jennifer, Matt and Hank bring a new and invigorating level of experience and leadership required to drive scale and high growth with a strong go-to-market strategy," said Graham Glass, CEO of CYPHER LEARNING.

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