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Anniversary edition: Top 10 posts of the Entrepreneurs Blog

This is a time of unprecedented change and uncertainty across the world. We are all being forced out of our comfort zones and pushed to overcome some challenges we couldn’t even consider possible just a few months ago. Some are simply luckier than others.

But just like every villain has a backstory that makes us empathize with their humanity, the current situation didn’t bring just black and negative news. Some news bring us joy. And hope that things will get better.

We must keep a positive attitude over life. Enjoy the little things. Check with our loved ones. Celebrate inside! Birthdays don’t disappear because of a virus.

Speaking of birthdays, we are now celebrating the first anniversary of the Entrepreneurs Blog! And we’re doing it responsibly, each of us in our own homes.

The Entrepreneurs Blog turned 1!

How time flies! It feels like yesterday we started blogging about creating, marketing and selling online courses and navigating the challenges of being a knowledge entrepreneur.

Our common effort put the Entrepreneurs Blog in the first 25% of all e-learning blogs. We still have to climb many positions on that list and we’re committed to this journey. One step at a time.

Top 10 posts of the Entrepreneurs Blog

From well-known subjects of online education, like tips on course design or building an audience, to more technical aspects of marketing and selling online courses, to what it's like being a knowledge entrepreneur, the Entrepreneurs Blog covered it all in its rather short existence. Without further ado, here are the top 10 posts on the Entrepreneurs Blog from the first year of its existence:

  1. Debunking 5 myths about being an entrepreneur in 2019

    No matter what kind of entrepreneur you are, you are bound to face many myths and misconceptions about what it means to have a business; even nowadays when practically you have all the knowledge in the world at your fingertips. Don’t let these myths get in the way of your success. Also, there are some myths specific to being an online knowledge entrepreneur, so be wary of those too.

  2. How to get feedback for your online course

    Asking for feedback puts you into a rather vulnerable situation, but it’s the only real way to find out what you can do better when designing your online courses. The feedback your learners give you about your course can be pure gold. Here are 4 ways to get it:

  3. 5 Tips to improve your social media photography

    Creativity is very important when one wants to be seen in the very crowded social media market. Well-tailored images may just be that small extra edge that you have over your competitors so make sure everything you post is memorable and intriguing.

  4. 10 TED Talks every online entrepreneur should see

    With knowledge in mind and a sense of purpose, TED has impacted the lives of many. Since a lot of entrepreneurs have joined the move and shared their experience with the public, you can easily have access to honest, raw and real talk on what doing business is like. Here are 10 on the point TED Talks that every online entrepreneur should see:

  5. What you can do about low online course completion rates?

    When people first enroll in your online course the enthusiasm is at an all-time high. Finally, the thing you’ve worked so hard for starts to pay off. However, once the course progresses you’ll notice learners dropping out, sometimes after completing half of it, one module or not even starting one section! How do you keep them motivated and engaged?

  6. Things to keep in mind if you want to make your online course more interactive

    Making online courses interactive is compulsory if one wants to meet the expectations of today’s learners. It takes the right amount of narrative, game mechanics and technology to come up with a balanced yet engaging formative experience.

  7. Don’t start designing courses before reading this [Part 2]

    Designing a course is fun. You are part artist, part scientist, measuring every lesson and designing every element to make sure that your learners get the best experience when taking the course. Yes, there is also a Part 1 of this post; you might want to start with that.

  8. 9+1 Tips for making a video for your course

    Since video is an essential component of e-learning and there is no better way to reach the learners than to speak directly to them, you are probably well aware that there is no use avoiding the task. Here are a few tips and tricks that are sure to make you feel safer as you broadcast yourself:

  9. Why business owners should sell online courses

    Entrepreneurs can make as much as $100,000 or more in one year selling online courses. As a business owner, the extra money has the potential to help you grow your business. If you’re looking for clever ways to market your services or product, an online course can bring in more customers.

  10. 9 Tips on how to build a learning community using LMS tools

    There is immense value in learning from each other. People tend to search for others with similar interests, and the online medium offers them the perfect way to learn new skills and build meaningful learning relationships. Building an online learning community is trickier than it seems, but the right LMS has all the tools entrepreneurs need to communicate effectively.

Happy 1st anniversary, Entrepreneurs Blog!

May there be many happy returns of this day!

INDIE LMS is proud of you!