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Generative AI in 2024: A potential lifeline amid workplace turbulence
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Neil White

Neil White

Neil White is an HR specialist from Sydney who has worked for over ten years in multiple companies all over Australia. He has been interested in people his entire life, which is why the part of the job he particularly enjoys is employee relations. Neil has learned a lot about dealing with people throughout his career, and that's why he thinks his job is the best.

5 Ways to be a good teacher

This post has been updated on July 2, 2020. A good teacher can change a person’s life. Every teacher wants to be able to influence their students to become productive members of society. Achieving thi...

9 Crucial classroom accessories every teacher should have

The modern classroom is more challenging than ever, for both students and teachers. High-tech gizmos are making the teaching process easy but they do require time to learn to operate. Of course, there...

4 Ways to make sure the teachers in your school are properly trained

If you want good results, then you need to make the proper investments. These investments can be in the form of you placing your time and energy into a project. It can also be a simple cash injection ...

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