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CBS News TechWatch | CYPHER CEO talks about why putting AI in teachers’ hands is a powerful tool
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Skills development

Help your students achieve goals and acquire new skills


Set learning goals

Teachers can add competencies or jobs as learning goals for their students to master skills or prepare for future careers. They can also allow students to add their own learning goals.


Set competencies

Associate competencies with learning content and resources that will help your students master goals, such as classes, groups, jobs, and resources.


Recommendations engine

Our platform provides recommendations to students on how to achieve their goals in the form of classes, learning paths, groups, and other types of learning resources.

Trigger automated actions when goals are completed

Using automation, set up rules that are triggered when students reach their goals, such as awarding badges, certificates, or sending custom notifications.


Track goals progress

Students can see an overview of the goals they are working on by checking the dashboard or their profile page. There is also an overview page for each goal they are working towards.


Q&A forum

Students can use the Q&A forum to ask questions and get support to easily reach their active goals. Collaboration can take place at a school, network or community level.


CYPHER is user-friendly and it is being continuously updated to add more features relevant to the needs of the users.

Marialie Niña Cabaral, Teacher, iACADEMY

Our students appreciate the availability of online content and real-time interaction with their peers and faculty.

Sebastien Foulc, Chief Technology Officer, PHINMA Education Holdings Inc