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Easily track how well your students are mastering concepts



Supercharged assignments.
In minutes.

With CYPHER Copilot, supercharge your teaching. Create targeted assignments to track progression and identify gaps in minutes.


Various types of assignments

Choose from 16 types of assignments such as quizzes, essays, debates, team, Dropbox, discussion, survey, and more. We also integrate with Turnitin and Unicheck for plagiarism detection. Student evaluation is easy using our grading and personalizing tools.

Powerful gradebook

Grading is simplified using our reliable gradebook. See a centralized view of all grades and quickly add results and make changes.


Proctored assignments

Use the proctored assignments feature to allow students' access to assignments based on certain restrictions such as entering a secret access code or their IP address.


Embedding and annotating student submissions

Students can see nicely embedded PDF submissions for Dropbox and Essay assignments. Teachers can use the annotations feature to draw, add notes, or add highlights when grading PDF submissions.


Quizzes and question banks

Use tools such as quizzes and question banks to assess students quickly. Select questions based on competencies and tags. We also support timed quizzes and instant feedback during a quiz, so students can see their results immediately.


A variety of question types

Choose from eight different question types when creating quizzes, such as true or false, multiple-choice, fill in the blanks, arithmetic, matching, hotspot, and more.


Grade assignments fast and consistently using rubrics. You can build rubrics with custom criteria and associate criteria with competencies.


Mastery grid

Track student progress on a competency-basis and get a detailed view of how students are understanding the concepts. Easily see mastery levels for all students with the mastery grid.


Add actions that should be performed when students drop below a threshold for certain competencies for a specified number of days. You can use this feature to automatically send them recommendations on how to improve in that area, or to alert teachers so they can help the student.

assessment-notification-left assessment-notification-right

55% of surveyed schools say that CYPHER has improved the way they assess students.


Technical support is always easy to get, and grading student assessments has been much more efficient for teachers.

Francis Jacob Aragon, Senior High School Principal, iACADEMY