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What is an LMS?

Find out how an LMS can help you create, develop, & manage online courses


A learning management system (LMS) is a highly adaptable software learning platform that provides a large and indispensable set of features to efficiently develop, deliver, track, and support training, teaching, and learning for corporations, schools, and higher education. From skill development to continuous learning, the CYPHER LMS elevates the learning experience for all.

Here are the main benefits of using an LMS

Boost engagement

Boosts learner engagement, employee productivity, and performance

Track progress

Easily track learner progress at each stage of the learning process - easily upskill, reskill, cross-skill

Save time

Trainers, instructors, managers, leaders, and teachers save time - tasks can be automated

Learn at own pace

Enable learners to learn at their own pace - just in time, just for them, just the way they want it


The #1 choice learning platform to train employees, customers, partners - extended enterprise

Reduces costs

Reduces costs by simplifying your tech stack and accelerating your workflow

Here are the most important uses of an LMS


Create and deliver online courses in minutes - from idea to reality


Assess learner knowledge, competencies, and skills


Track employee performance, skill mastery, and skill gaps


Facilitate communication many ways to connect


Sell online courses - e-commerce tools to drive revenue

In this tech-driven world, traditional training, teaching, and learning can be easily interrupted or sometimes inefficient, which is why learners need more interactive and human-centered learning.

CYPHER AI 360 helps trainers, teachers, and instructors, managers, and leaders create and deliver course content, multimedia, and gamified learning all mapped to competencies - in minutes. Easy to create, organize, track, report, and learn. 

Managers and leaders have a complete solution to train and onboard employees, clients, and partners and generate revenue through the CYPHER LMS by selling online courses.

Who is an LMS made for?

An LMS is for corporations of any size or industry, schools, and higher education. Typical users are trainers, employees, teachers, leaders, instructors, learners, students, administrators, and managers.

Why should you start using an LMS?

An LMS is an essential learning platform that can improve training, skill development, performance, and engagement in business, schools, and higher education.

Increases revenue by selling courses
Saves time to teach and train
Higher engagement rate in training
Increases employee productivity, skills
Cost-effective remote and hybrid training
Increases connection, collaboration
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