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Reshaping how students learn using competency-based learning - and how an LMS can support this

Competency-based learning emphasizes the demonstration of concrete and measurable skills. All students of all ages can benefit from the competency-based learning approach to education, no matter if they’re just starting out school, preparing for college or pursuing a degree to improve their professional lives. Edtech such as an LMS supports educators to design the most appropriate learning experiences for them.

This white paper presents the aspects of competency-based learning that make it a serious alternative to the traditional way of education.

What you will learn from this white paper:

  • 3 Core aspects of competency-based learning
  • Its implications for K-12 education
  • Its implications for higher education and further education
  • How a school LMS can support educators in designing competency-based learning

Download the white paper now and start using competency-based learning to reshape how students learn!

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