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24h Educations - Sharing knowledge for good

January 19, 2023

CYPHER LEARNING presents 24h Education - a global, virtual education marathon for 24 hrs!

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White paper

What's in it for companies that use an LMS for training?

In the context of rapidly-changing business environments, more and more companies are realizing that adapting to new challenges is simply a surviving skill for their organizations. Only those that empower their employees to constantly learn and develop professionally will ride the wave of knowledge transfer successfully. Knowledgeable and tech-savvy employees will be the ones leading their companies forward and the role of a business LMS is crucial in this setting.

This white paper covers how the use of a learning management system for training can improve a company’s performance.

What you will learn from this white paper:

  • The evolution of the business LMS
  • How the LMS meets organizational learning needs
  • 9 ways an LMS positively impacts workplace training
  • A few challenges related to using an LMS

Download this white paper now and learn how you can harness the power of a learning management system to improve your company’s success rate!

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