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Providing employee training and customer support using a learning platform

Nations Trust Bank Sri Lanka
Nations Trust Bank

Nations Trust Bank was established in July 1999. They are a Public Limited Company that is offering world-class financial products and services. Their clients include individuals, corporations and institutions. Nations Trust Bank PLC is among the top 15 business establishments in Sri Lanka, as ranked by the Business Today Magazine. Nations Trust is also the bank behind Sri Lanka’s first fully-fledged digital banking experience, FriMi. The Bank operates 96 branches across the country and they have ATM coverage in 127 locations. They are also the sole issuer and acquirer of American Express® Cards in Sri Lanka.

D.K Dinushika Madhubhashini, Deputy Manager - E-Learning and MIS, shares her experience of using CYPHER Learning® to deliver training to their employees in all branches across Sri Lanka.

What were the challenges before CYPHER?

D.K Dinushika Madhubhashini, Deputy Manager - E-Learning and MIS Nations: Trust Bank operates 96 branches across the country. Since our staff is divided everywhere in Sri Lanka, it is difficult to provide the complete mandatory courses in person. We did not have a learning solution to do that, but we were in need of one. That’s when we understood the need for an LMS.

CYPHER's LMS, as well as the e-learning content development, were recommended by DESIGNBOO (Pvt). They were able to provide a solution after doing thorough research all the while keeping the business proposal in mind.

How did the adoption process go?

Two of our employees were trained through the DESIGNBOO team. As for the challenges that we faced along the way, we were able to count on the CYPHER support team right from the beginning. Support was helpful and provided quick responses.

What improvements have you noticed since using CYPHER?

Ever since we started using the LMS we noticed some changes related to the training process. However, with the use of gamification, learning has become more interactive and it developed a competitive spirit for our employees. The rewards that we offer to them, in the form of virtual certifications, badges, or bonus points, encourage them to continue the training program and make the whole learning experience so much more diverse.

How did CYPHER help boost employee performance?

Being able to generate reports on different data is very useful when it comes to tracking employee performance. Based on those reports, we were able to track which course needs more attention and make those tweaks so that learners don’t have to struggle while completing their training. In the event of career advancements, we can see exactly which employees have taken the course and offer instant feedback.

What do you like most about CYPHER?

One of the features that we are most grateful for is the support forum. Each time that we have a question or concern, we are able to get an answer in a timely manner.

An important thing that we want to mention is how smooth the platform runs and the fact that there is no downtime. Our employees and administrators get to access the platform quickly, directly from their customized accounts.

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