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Using an LMS to provide the finest digital education possible

iAcademy Philippines

iACADEMY is an educational institution based in the Philippines, founded in 2002. They offer innovative undergraduate and secondary education programs focused on computing, business, liberal arts and design. Their programs are designed to bridge the gap between academic institutions and the actual needs of the industry. iACADEMY has ten Senior High School programs that prepare students for the professional world.

Read this case study to learn how iACADEMY uses CYPHER to provide next-level education to its students.


What were your challenges before implementing CYPHER?

Peter Hans Z. Tejada, SHS Faculty: Since 2020, iACADEMY has partnered with various institutions such as Alibaba Business School for their Global Digital Talent Network. College professors and Senior High School students underwent extensive training in order to strengthen e-commerce in the Philippines by integrating it into the current curriculum. iACADEMY also offered GOAL (Guided Online Autonomous Learning), and DRIVE  (Design for Remote Individualized Versatile Education). They catered to the current needs of the Senior High School students during the pandemic.

We were looking for a solution that would help deliver all these materials in an efficient manner.

What changes have you noticed since implementing CYPHER?

Peter Hans Z. Tejada, SHS Faculty: In terms of student performance and progress, my students are motivated to finish assignments thanks to the CYPHER reminders. The platform’s gamification features also make them more engaged in their learning.

Gino Miguel M. Fernandez, SHS Faculty: CYPHER has been a very big help in terms of submitting research papers. It’s very useful to have all the students’ papers organized in one place rather than having them submitted through a Drive folder where everything is scattered. With CYPHER, everything is well organized in one place and we can easily check student work.

I have been using CYPHER for two years now. In terms of the number of users, we have an average of 500, composed of teachers and students. A major improvement that I have noticed since using CYPHER is that students and teachers have streamlined communication opportunities.

What are the benefits of online learning?

Gino Miguel M. Fernandez, SHS Faculty: Online learning can be easily accessed and it is convenient. I have used an LMS before as a student, but I was not able to utilize it to its full potential. I could not imagine doing this online setup without a proper LMS. The workload is more manageable thanks to this platform.

Peter Hans Z. Tejada, SHS Faculty: One of the benefits of online learning I like the most is that students are more productive at home since instruction is more straightforward and they can study at their own pace. We can have short sessions, then I can focus on my students’ needs and prepare for the next class.

How is CYPHER's user experience?

Gino Miguel M. Fernandez, SHS Faculty: As someone who is fairly new to CYPHER, I can say that getting used to it was not difficult at all. The interface and the process of adding classes and lessons were straightforward. If you can’t figure out what you need to do, CYPHER has a Help Center which is also incredibly useful. You just need to search for what you need to know and the Help Center will provide clear and detailed instructions on how to do it.

What CYPHER features do you like most?

Gino Miguel M. Fernandez, SHS Faculty: I believe that the best CYPHER feature is its ability to be customized. Everything from assignments, lessons, classes, and many more can be customized based on the instructor’s liking. Thanks to this we can cater to different types of learners.

Peter Hans Z. Tejada, SHS Faculty: For me, three of the most valuable CYPHER features are the teacher view, where you can automate the lessons for all sections, the library, where you can always check the previously made content, and the student progress. All are helpful and efficient, especially for online learning.

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