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Enhancing collaboration between teachers and students using e-learning

Escuela Nacional Del Deporte Colombia
Escuela Nacional Del Deporte

Escuela Nacional Del Deporte is a public institution that belongs to the National Education System and works with excelling academic, ethical, and social criteria. In compliance with the university’s autonomy, it serves the purpose of training professionals under a humane, scientific, technological, and service-orientation profiles, all of which are sustained in principles and values that promote the sustainable development, peaceful coexistence, respect for human dignity and the continuous life-quality improvement in the Colombian society.

Heberth Gonzaliaz Murillo, the LMS Manager, along with other faculty members at Escuela Nacional Del Deporte, share their experience with CYPHER Learning®.

What has changed since using CYPHER?

Heberth Gonzaliaz Murillo Ph.D., LMS Manager: We’ve experienced many changes in our institution since using CYPHER's LMS. In just one year we were able to enroll more than 3,800 students and teachers, and create more than 690 active courses! The interaction between teachers and students has improved and there is better control over the students’ independent work. Additionally using CYPHER has contributed to the reduction of paper usage.

How did the adoption process go?

Heberth Gonzaliaz Murillo Ph.D., LMS Manager: The onboarding process of the platform has been very accelerated, in terms of the amount of users that are using CYPHER, the extent of given homework, and the number of courses and lessons created in the platform. We’ve also received positive feedback from students.

Ing. Wilbor Stam Perea, IT Professor: CYPHER has enabled a constant communication between teachers and students, and has made the learner become more dynamic, independent, and aligned with 21st century education. I believe that the faculty members and administrative team of the institution, have found in the platform the support needed to follow-up with students, to redirect their courses to meet the students’ needs and to enable students to be more independent. On the other hand, the teacher doesn’t have to worry about calculating grades, because CYPHER allows them to plan activities for students specific to these evaluations.

What are some improvements since using CYPHER?

Johana Lorena Cano, English Teacher: In the past we would have spent five, ten, or fifteen hours grading each exam by hand. But nowadays, when we are using the platform, I noticed that this grading is completed in one or two minutes because the platform gives us the answers.

I can now spend that time connecting with my students and doing other types of activities. For instance we do outside activities that can help my students improve more than in other cases. So for me, CYPHER's evaluation tools have become very important because they enable me to have more time with my students inside and outside of class.

Which features are most helpful and why?

Luis Gonzalez, Weight-Training Professor: The platform provides me with another way of assigning tasks, assessments, using resources such as videos, and more. The learners are asked to create or watch videos in the classroom, which is usually complicated to do, as there isn’t enough time and space to do so. With assignments such as the ones done through CYPHER, they can do them at their own pace, even outside the classroom and manage their time as they wish.

Alejandro, Student: I like CYPHER because it’s really easy to use, you can subscribe to all your classes easily with a short code, and you have access to all the materials that the professors give to you. CYPHER has helped me because I have all the information right in my hand. I use the CYPHER app on my phone, so I don’t have to carry a lot of heavy books, and instead use CYPHER to watch all my classes right on my phone.

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