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10 Amazing ideas for celebrating World Teachers' Day 2022

  10 Amazing ideas for celebrating World Teachers' Day 2022

Adopted after the 1966 International Labor Organization and UNESCO's Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers, World Teachers' Day 2022 is celebrated on the 5th of October and emphasizes teachers' rights and responsibilities. Although it's a day to celebrate teachers and their work, it also brings forward children's rights and access to education.

Under this year's theme, "The transformation of education begins with teachers," World Teachers' Day is a good opportunity to realize the immense impact teachers have on students’ lives and contribute to their education.

10 Ideas for celebrating World Teachers' Day 2022

World Teacher's Day is celebrated differently around the world. However, every teacher, student, parent, or community member celebrates teachers by manifesting gratitude and appreciation.

Read on to find out ways you can celebrate teachers this year:

3 Ideas for teachers

As a teacher myself, I know that you devote a lot of time to your job. This year, celebrate by working on yourself and your relationship with your students. Here are three things you can consider:

1. Remember to dedicate time to yourself. Take care of your health and do something that makes you happy. Let this 5th of October be the beginning of a year of self-care. You can try these relaxing activities that can become a habit of good well-being practice.

2. Have students can ask you anything related to your job. You can call it "Interview your teacher" or hop on the AMA (Ask Me Anything) trend. Depending on your students' age, adapt answers to show that your job is crucial to any well-functioning society. You have the power to inspire students and shift the perspective from an underrated job to one that changes minds and characters for the benefit of humanity.

3. Let your students be the teacher for a class. This role reversal exercise will give students a glimpse into the life of a teacher and provide a new perspective on what it means to be you. I do this frequently in my class, and my students are impressed or surprised about what it takes to teach a class. Some realize they want to become teachers themselves, and others walk away with more gratitude towards teachers' work, promising to be more understanding and respectful of them in the future. Find out more about this teaching strategy in the Read more section.

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3 Ideas for students

In my experience, understanding what a teacher does and feels every day is a tool for engagement, which also enriches the learning experience. Here are some ideas for students:

1. Create a scrapbook. This can be a project on Book Creator, or a PowerPoint presentation with your favorite memories of you and your teacher. This way, you show them you value every experience you have shared and want to treasure the memories you have created together. You never know what your teachers can add to your project (old photos, papers, notes that they kept), turning this moment into a journey down memory lane.

2. Gather video testimonies of all the students in which you show your appreciation. Thank teachers for what they have done for you and your classmates. Be specific and concise and make sure the video isn't longer than three or five minutes. Your final video can be addressed to one of your teachers or multiple teachers. Send them the video, share it on social media, and show it in class or at the school event for World Teachers' Day to capture their reactions, too. Surprising them with heartfelt messages, you'll experience the best feeling in the world of making their day and year.

3. Put on a show for your teacher. Showcase your talent in singing, drawing, acting, dancing, etc. You can have some pre-recorded videos of students showing different skills, to which you can also add a small exhibition of crafts you have made for your teacher. Even better if you have learned one or more of your skills from your teacher. It will give them a sense of accomplishment and pride besides the thoughtful surprise.

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3 Ideas for parents and communities

The parent-teacher relationship is very important and so is the involvement of the larger community. Why not take this opportunity to strengthen your collaboration?

1. Ask your teachers what they need so they can provide the best learning environment for your children. Whether it's buying supplies or getting involved in Career Day, try to improve the learning experience teachers create for students.

2. Teachers need to attend professional development programs periodically. If you or your community can, provide funds for them to attend these programs or purchase materials that help them in this matter. It benefits students in the long run, too.

3. Organize a big event in your school or community to thank the teachers. It could be a picnic, a parade, a class decoration contest, planting a tree in their honor, or chalk art decorations.

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Bonus idea

Why not make the best of the virtual world and use its resources to thank teachers? You can send them online cards, messages, photos, free access to resources, etc. Invite other community members to do the same and create a wave of online thank you surprises for your teachers.

How are you celebrating World Teachers' Day 2022?

On the 5th of October, let's take some time to thank a teacher. It doesn't have to be anything major: a message, flowers, or a handmade gift is always a good choice. Celebrating World Teachers' Day in any way will make you feel fulfilled by showing your teachers how cherished they are.

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