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Five Big Wow Moments From Bett 2023


After the past few years of remote gathering, it was an incredible experience to be at BETT 2023 with K-12 educators in-person discussing their learning goals and challenges, demonstrating the CYPHER Learning platform, and showing educators how we are leading the necessary disruption of learning platforms to unleash human potential at their schools. Here are our top five “wow” demonstration moments: 

  • UI and UX - “Truly unique and amazing. What really impressed me most was the clean and visually pleasing design. The UI felt like the Apple of e-learning platforms. The user interface (UI) and training modules were super intuitive and engaging, which, for me, translates to fewer bored students.”

    Experiencing our feature set live and in person made it easy for educators to understand how much easier it can be to create courses, track student and class progress, and keep their  Popular features like web conferencing, automation, content authoring and gamification had many heads nodding.

  • Personalized learning - “What I really like is that you've innovated on really important features that we care about, and historically have been challenged by. Personalization makes it easy to align content with actual student needs and you've made competency assessment a more reliable indicator of proficiency. Bravo! ”

    We demonstrated how CYPHER provides every learner a personalized experience at every stage of their learning journey to help them future-proof student learning, and achieve improved learning and reliable assessments.

  • Competency-based learning approach - ”The CYPHER competency-based learning approach immediately solves a lot of our biggest administrative challenges and creates better alignment between courses, classes, content, and student learning goals. Our current method for learning management is a one size fits all model, which is very limiting. This approach to learning is really engaging for students.”  

    Many organizations struggle to put efficiency around assessment, mastery, and certification. One of our goals in demoing the CYPHER platform was to show educators first-hand how competency-based learning really personalizes the learning experience to student needs and abilities, and provides them more and better options for improving competency assessment. We wanted educators to imagine how our competency-based approach could empower their school and help them create meaningful learning experiences that connect with a student's purpose and enhance the human experience through features like online collaboration, collaboration, gamification, and reporting. Mission accomplished.

  • Automation everywhere! - “My role is managing and streamlining student on-boarding and the student lifecycle. I was impressed how CYPHER builds automation into everything across the site. This totally saves me time!”

    CYPHER demonstrated gamification, skills development, competency, mastery, course development, on-boarding, compliance, and more. We showed prospects first-hand how automation can significantly reduce the workload of our instructors and administrators, and how they can quickly boost productivity through site-wide automation to improve student learning and course creation, and make learning more challenging and fun.

  • Human Connection - “I was most impressed by the Universal Translator. We’re an international school, and the wide variety of language and seamless translation that CYPHER offers is staggering, greatly appreciated, and something that I’ve not seen before with other learning management platforms.”

    The Universal Translator and the Green Dot availability status feature highlight how CYPHER brings the human connection element to the learning experience. The Universal Translator supports 50 languages for better collaboration. And whenever you log in to the CYPHER platform, the Green Dot gives you real-time visibility into course and group forum activity, providing insight into what’s happening on the platform, what your peers and instructors are up to, and when they are available to communicate and collaborate. Our customers and partners find that feeling of human connection invaluable. 

Ready to be Wowed?

Thanks to everyone who visited us at BETT 2023! We enjoyed meeting you in-person, hearing about your learning goals and challenges, and showing you what our modern learning platform can do. We hope to speak to you again soon.

If you didn't attend BETT, but you'd like to see what all the Wows were about, schedule a demo to see for yourself why SIIA CODiE named us the best K-12 Remote Learning Partner and why Forbes Advisor named us Best LMS 2023.