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Zsolt Bertalan

Zsolt Bertalan

Zsolt is the Head of Demand Generation at CYPHER LEARNING and a University Teaching Assistant. When he's not in the classroom — or riding his motorcycle — he loves learning about new ways of teaching, edtech, e-learning, and keeping up with the latest tech trends.

Micro-learning — at the crossroads of education, learning and technology

People's desire to learn and largely available good quality education is a wonderful mix, almost magical. It’s enough to look at the timeline of technological advancements — it is staggering to see ho...

The role of AR technology in making learners imagine

Children have this incredible capability to transform their reality in a matter of seconds into something magical: a place where everything can happen and the only limits are one’s imagination. No mat...

The power of gamified content in training courses

As a kid I never wanted to grow up. I had such a great time, everything was a like a game, and I didn’t want it to end, never ever. In my childish mind, growing up was like a barrier where the fun and...

4 Benefits of mobile learning for your company

Everyone wants the best on the market when it comes to employees, that’s why headhunting companies are still in business and HR professionals spend so much time organizing multi-stage interviews and p...

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