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Foster a Culture of Agile Learning to Upskill IT Employees Faster

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The World’s Best Intelligent Learning Platform for Employee Training

Encourage your employees to polish their skills,
increase productivity, and help them grow.

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Easily train your employees and support skills development with CYPHER Matrix™

CYPHER Matrix is a powerful learning platform that helps you create and deliver seamless training programs for your employees. 

Engage your employees at the point of need with customized learning programs, help them achieve goals, and close knowledge gaps while automating processes.

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Flexible learning

Keep your employees engaged with flexible learning programs they can access anytime, anywhere.

Skills development

Provide training programs that help employees upskill and reskill with intelligent recommendations.

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Onboarding programs

Set up new hires for success and build a community of continuous learning with a reliable platform.

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Potato Corner

We have seen so many improvements across our organization, not just speed but also flexibility in terms of learning. We’ve also seen that our employees’ competencies have improved just by using the platform.

Paulo Perez, Chief Human Resource Officer

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Since using CYPHER Matrix, we noticed greater efficiencies in managing and reporting learning outcomes.

LMS Tech Director, New York State Center for School Health

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We were able to organize our learning content more. This made our learners have a better and a new way of experiencing online classes.

Meggie Salonga, Product Manager, Enderun Extension

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Consultants have access to our Training Material instantly when accessing the LMS. We can monitor and check their progress, which is a great help.

Elizabeth Bouch, Consultant, Kerridge Commercial Systems

Sciforma GmbH

We train our employees by showing them a track with customized Learning Paths and combine that with face to face training. In addition, staff members can check their knowledge in small tests. It was important for us that no control from supervisors was needed.

Bastian Schneider, Education Instructor

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Integrate at the point of need

Our corporate LMS integrates with all the tools you’re already using so that your employees get a seamless learning experience.

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