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Implementing a learning management system to establish a creative and innovative hub

berkeley-school Philippines

The Berkeley School is dedicated to offering a welcoming environment sensitive to its students' needs and concerns. They employ extraordinary teaching and learning techniques that result in an immersive learning method emphasizing real-world applications to create productive citizens of society.

Read on to learn how Berkeley School transformed its school into a creative and innovation hub with the help of a learning management system.

How did you find out about CYPHER Neo?

Charis Go, President: We've been using CYPHER Neo™ for two years now, since 2020. When we decided to bring our school fully online, we asked for recommendations from different school leaders who had used an LMS before the pandemic. CYPHER Neo seemed to be the most recommended, emphasizing its affordability and ease of use.

What were your concerns before CYPHER Neo?

Charis Go, President: Last March, in 2020, we wanted to continue teaching even if schools were closed, so the first thing we did was to set up a distance learning program. When we evaluated that whole run, we said there was a missing "link" that we needed so that we could fully facilitate online learning.

We knew that things were not going to change. Our students continued learning from their homes for at least that coming school year, so that link was critical, and we saw that to be CYPHER Neo, and for Berkeley, CYPHER Neo LMS became BLINK.

How does our product help your school achieve its objectives?

Steve Solano, Marketing and Curriculum Development Head: With the coming of CYPHER Neo LMS, everything has been digitalized, and lesson plans, curriculum maps, and instructional materials are now more accessible for students. It has also facilitated more expedient management of learning content, processing of grades, quizzes, the opening of discussions, and collaborative opportunities.

How was the user experience?

Robelei Macagba-Colobong, Kinder Faculty: CYPHER Neo is very easy to use. Our students and parents gave us feedback that they could find their activities and classes and navigate through the website easily.

Zaighn Piluden, Grade 5 Student: It was very user-friendly, and I could submit my work easily, and it was also easy to navigate through the platform.

What kind of online learning programs did you introduce using our platform?

Steve Solano, Marketing and Curriculum Development Head: CYPHER Neo LMS is a very flexible platform. It allows creativity, innovation, and the introduction of new programs. One of the things we introduced is the synchronous online flipped learning approach, which creates a learning space replicating the actual learning classroom.

This kind of program allows students to navigate many opportunities for linkages, collaboration, and innovative strategies that can make their learning more effective and meaningful.

What made you consider our platform?

Charis Go, President: What was critical to Berkeley was not to lose its being a Berkelean or that it complements the goal of Berkeley during the pandemic. There were many offerings to the LMS, many LMS had already content, but we were one of those schools that said we have our own content and we'd like to deliver learning for our students at this time. CYPHER Neo allowed that flexibility and our teachers and students to be creative. It was an easy choice for us when we were comparing different LMSs.

How do you track progress?

Neil Aquino, Junior High School MAPEH Faculty: We track student progress by looking at the gradebook. It is very easy for teachers to look into it since it tabulates the score, and gives you the data on whether the student did or did not submit the assigned task we require. It's beneficial for us teachers to use CYPHER Neo LMS.

Rahmeia Robles, Nursery Faculty: One of the most important tasks of teachers is to provide feedback. CYPHER Neo LMS provided us the platform to communicate with teachers, parents, and students and let them know any improvements they need to work on or if they are doing well so far.

Did you feel more involved in your children's education during online learning?

Jerome Reyes, Parent: I feel more involved in my son's education during online learning, mainly because I'm based overseas. I can quickly look at the materials they study during the synchronous session, so when it's time for me to have an online review with my son, it's easy for me to ask questions, formulate questions, or talk about things he doesn't understand.

What's the best CYPHER Neo feature?

Trixie Ariza, Grade 6 Faculty: There are a lot of features that I like about CYPHER Neo. Still, my favorite part would be how easy it is to embed videos and activities where the student doesn't need to open another tab to go to another website. I know that they'll be able to do the task that I gave because there will be no problems in accessibility.

Rahmeia Robles, Nursery Faculty: One of the best features of CYPHER Neo LMS is that it allows me to get creative as I can when I create my lessons, and not only that, but it also allows me to sync all my lessons to my classes as fast as just one click.

Neil Aquino, Junior High School MAPEH Faculty: The best feature of CYPHER Neo is the Dropbox section that you can find in the assignments tab. It allows you to upload pictures, and videos, which I require, especially in my subject MAPEH, and it's a very skill-based subject. It's vital for me to check on my students whether they understood the lesson by giving them the assigned task that requires them to do skills-based tasks such as singing, dancing, art making, and even skills demonstrations such as first aid demonstrations.

Zaighn Piluden, Grade 5 Student: The best feature of CYPHER Neo is that it's super easy to navigate. It also helped me become independent.

Jerome Reyes, Parent: One of the best features of CYPHER Neo would be communication. I can easily send an email across departments, whether to the teachers or the IT department. And also, the dashboard makes it easier for me to navigate through the website. One example would be the homework located on the right, so it's easier for me to click on it and see what my kid needs to finish.

Jun Gonzales, EdTech Department Head: The most valuable features of CYPHER Neo LMS are the support forum, messaging, and announcement section. The support forum has been very hands-on in helping us resolve issues and errors beyond our capabilities. They are fast in providing comprehensive guides and explanations on how to solve these issues.

Messaging and announcement features played a vital role in information dissemination. They served as a backup platform for us to communicate with our stakeholders.

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