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Using an intuitive e-learning platform to provide a standard digital learning approach

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Universal Robina Corporation (URC) is one of the largest branded consumer food and beverage product companies in the Philippines, with a strong market position in the Asia Pacific. They carry numerous brand categories. They are into snacks, bakery, noodles, confectionery, coffee, and ready-to-drink beverages. URC has been operating for over 50 years, and they were founded by Mr. John Gokongwei, Jr.

With their initiative to embrace digital transformation, they aim to continue to grow and provide good food choices to their consumers.

What were your challenges before CYPHER?

Carla Mabugay, Human Resources - Learning and Development Head: These challenges included submitting and retaining training materials in hard copies, submitting documents for reviews and approval, finding the best training provider, securing venues, and other logistical requirements. We know that learning technologies can facilitate the consistency of these processes by implementing one learning approach for all relevant topics in all countries. This means our course delivery and design will follow one standard method through a learning management system (LMS).

What made you consider our platform?

Carla Mabugay, Human Resources - Learning and Development Head: After a series of system testing, we decided to try CYPHER Learning® because we believe it can help us accelerate the learning process through easy access to courses targeted to employee competencies and development plans. We can also provide the best employee experience through a digital and intuitive e-learning platform, and lastly, increase engagement by integrating rewards and recognitions with learning and development.

How was the implementation stage?

Carla Mabugay, Human Resources - Learning and Development Head: URC partnered with CYPHER Learning in June 2019 to implement our LMS, URLearning. The implementation stage started in October 2020 through face-to-face and virtual road shows. We released our 15-week URC university virtual learning plan during the first lockdown through URLearning. The objective was to help our employees cope with their uncertainties and realities that require learning new skills with different learning content which they can freely and easily access anytime, anywhere through our digital platform.

With this learning initiative, URC reported a significant increase in the number of user accounts created since January 2020, which is 68%. Course enrollments have also surged from 108 in January 2020 to 3,350 after four months. We have over 600 active internally curated modules, including catalogs and mandatory, agile digital lessons, productivity, and workplace essentials.

Was it easy to use?

Paul Constantino, Officer, Agile COE and Talent Management: Overall, CYPHER is pretty straightforward to use. It provides what the user needs from its most recent dashboard update, where you can easily navigate through the things you want to do.

May Reyes, Manager, Technical Training: It is my first time creating online courses, and I'm not so techy, but the fact that I created courses in CYPHER on my own says a lot about it being easy to use. It can also serve as a repository of our largely undocumented knowledge. It can be a library for those who want to do their learning at their own pace, on their own time.

Nguyen Thi Thu Hien, Group Accounting Manager: The first time I took online training in CYPHER, I knew what I needed. It has a fantastic layout. The lessons are easy to navigate by categories and topics. It was tremendously clear, so I didn't waste time searching for whatever I wanted to study.

Name the best feature of CYPHER?

Paul Constantino, Officer, Agile COE and Talent Management: The learning path feature for me is the best one because, as an instructor, I like to ensure that learners engage well with the modules. So there's flexibility on whether you want the learners to automatically proceed to the next module or add a checkpoint before proceeding. Since the learning path I created involves a mixed learning approach in LMS and scheduled workshops, there's this holistic experience when learning the entire course.

Nguyen Thi Thu Hien, Group Accounting Manager: What I like is that I can post a review after finishing each course, and I can refer others. I also like having access to all the previous modules I studied and review them anytime.

Alyanna Manapil, Associate, Human Resources: For me, one of the most valuable features is the custom report. We need to see how many users we have, which business units they are from, and how many courses they enroll in and complete in our system. This feature allows us to customize and filter the information we need before even downloading the report from the system. With that, the downloaded report only has the information we plan to use.

Another feature that I value is gamification. We have a company-wide leaderboard where we announce the top 20 placers at the end of the year. It allows us to make learning a little bit more fun by creating friendly competition.

Has this solution impacted the growth and development of staff?

Carla Mabugay, Human Resources - Learning and Development Head: Our growth and talent commitment achieved an average of 21.41 training hours per employee across the organization through our capability development programs. Specific to digital learning, we continue to offer functional training courses through the online platform and virtual instructor-led training. We have seen a significant increase in the number of accounts created as of December 2021, which is at 65% compared to the previous year.

81% of URLearning's subscription plan limit have accessed and completed courses on the platform. The data shows the impact of URLearning on the growth and development of our employees.

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