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Creating engaging bite-sized learning

Learning Specialists Australia
Learning Specialists

Learning Specialists is a collaboration of learning experts in Western Australia. Providing consultation to both large and small organizations, they offer best practice-based guidance for effective learning creation, management and measurement.

Tell us about yourself and CYPHER

I'm a learning architect, which means I provide guidance to small, medium and large businesses, about their learning and how they should manage, create, and measure it. CYPHER really does encompass all three elements. Primarily it is about managing, because it is a learning management system. It also allows us to create engaging content and measure how that content is being used.

We are a customer of CYPHER and we use it in various sporting and self-defense industries, but also, we provide it to our clients – we recommend it and provide support to our clients on how they can get the most out of it.

What do you like about CYPHER?

We're very pleased with how the product has evolved, becoming one of the number one products in the market in our opinion and it satisfies all our needs. Whenever we design learning, we always develop bite-sized chunks: videos, pictures, words, tests – and that's where CYPHER is very powerful and a good fit for us. They have a resource model which allows us to create reusable content and use it throughout the platform.

We use CYPHER ourselves, but we also recommend it to our clients, and there are many reasons for that. As a LMS, not all learning management systems are created equal in any way. You get the traditional ones that just house the SCORM content and then you get learning management systems like CYPHER.

Some of the functionality they've added over the past few years has been phenomenal and really taking learning to the next level. For example, the rules engine is a very powerful feature. It allows us to put in automation when learners interact and complete various learning parts, providing actions of either opening new content or just informing us that the content has been done.

In addition to that, there's the gamification component that's very favorable with our students. There's a leaderboard that allows them to compete in courses which is very powerful. When we are presenting this to our clients as well, it really does allow us to set the bar high against any other potential competitors.

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