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Creating the 21st Century Spirit of Education

ARNOS Greece

ARNOS is the biggest online educational institute in Greece that provides educational services, since 1985. The website was launched in 2000 and since then it is a living cell, where teachers create e-learning content for the students according to the Greek curriculum, supporting more than 15,000 free primary students per day and approximately 5,000 subscribers-students per year. In the last decade, ARNOS has offered e-learning services to everyone, focusing on New Technologies and Practical Pedagogies. They have created "Athena" Ecumenical e-School, a non-profit online school for primary education (with infinite free access to its material) and for the educational R&D, focusing on the 21st century's Practical Pedagogies.

What were the school's challenges before CYPHER Neo?

Vasilis Tsilivis: Our challenge was to find a full online educational solution that offers communication, educational material completeness and dynamic. Furthermore, our challenge was to diffuse our Ed-Tech pedagogies to the Greek market and make them recognizable.

How many students/teachers use CYPHER Neo? How long have you used CYPHER Neo?

Vasilis Tsilivis: ARNOS Online Education has integrated CYPHER Neo™ LMS in its curriculum from the beginning of the academic year 2016-2017 and now it’s being used by more than 5000 students and 150 educators.

How did the adoption progress go? What support did you offer to teachers/students to accommodate with the new platform?

Vasilis Tsilivis: ARNOS educators and students have already been acquainted with such solutions, because of our previous similar actions. However, our executives supported our educators through live courses and video tutorials, focusing on their CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

How has CYPHER Neo helped with student performance?

Vasilis Tsilivis: Guiding our students and tracking their progress, contributed to their active engagement while teaching. Thus, we could find and eliminate weakness points.

Which features are most helpful to you and why?

Krokos P. Yannis: CYPHER Neo’s features that are really helpful for us include content creation, communication, and assessment tools. CYPHER Neo helped us make our concept “Learn how to Learn”, a reality.

What are the biggest improvements you’ve noticed since adopting CYPHER Neo?

Vasilis Tsilivis: The greatest improvement, is the fact that our clients are absolutely satisfied without any technical or educational issues. We have developed a strong relationship with parents, educators and learners in the most beneficial way.

CYPHER Neo LMS gave us the opportunity of mentoring and inspiring creations, in order to develop dynamic and multi-parameter content (50,000 videos, assignments, interactive tests, and quizzes), for any educational level from first grade to university.

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