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Software Engineer

Location: Dallas (TX)

Job overview

We’re looking for someone to engage with clients to provide technical presentations, demos, and system integration overviews of the world’s best intelligent learning platform. The ideal candidate is someone who can assimilate the clients’ needs, understand their technology ecosystem, and define the right integration solution that contributes to their adoption of our platform, in support of sales enablement initiatives. If you are a Software Engineer who can assimilate multiple coding constructs, can go toe-to-toe with a client’s VP of IT, and have the skills to deploy complex platform integrations, then this opportunity is right for you.


The candidate will be a critical member of the Sales Adoption process, attending client meetings to determine their integration needs, document use cases, provide technical demos, and provide consulting/guidance to clients and their third party vendors on the optimal approach to establishing interoperability between their systems and our Intelligent Learning Platform. You would engage with SME’s to define the solution, identify dependencies, differentiate the difference between custom integration coding and true product roadmap features, and collaborate with Sales and Engineering stakeholders to do the coding while providing status updates throughout the process.

Required experience

  • 4+ years in software development using object oriented programming techniques
  • 4+ years in web development in modern web application technologies
  • 4+ years experience programming using API endpoints and database technologies
  • Extensive background in system integration with various third-party APIs
  • 3+ years experience partnering with the Sales Team to deliver client backlog of software integrations
  • Strong background in validating change requests as features vs custom integrations

Nice to have

  • Possess technical skills needed to explain product features and how various integration approaches can be explored to produce the proper outcome
  • Possess the soft skills needed to engage with clients to validate their use cases and interoperability concerns
  • Be a problem solver with the ability to convey the scope of our product features and the role of other products we should integrate with to deliver the desired solution
  • Can provide clear and confident answers to complex technical questions during the RFP process, during the discovery phase, and post-go-live
  • Skilled in documenting the approach to leveraging existing product API frameworks to onboard clients, then executing the code changes per our SDLC process