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Sunshine Teachers’ Training Pioneers Montessori Education with CYPHER Learning LMS and Generative AI in Indonesia and Globally

Sunshine Teacher’s Training, a leading institution in Montessori education in Indonesia, announces a groundbreaking advancement in its educational offerings with its partnership with CYPHER Learning, the world's leading generative learning platform. This collaboration significantly enhances Sunshine's commitment to accessible, high-quality Montessori education through a cutting-edge learning management system (LMS) that engages students in a dynamic, interactive, and inclusive learning process. 

The adoption of the cutting-edge learning management system (LMS) has enabled Sunshine Teachers’ Training to offer a modern personalized educational experience, especially crucial in early childhood education, where individual attention and hands-on experiences are emphasized.  The platform supports a variety of multimedia and interactive content, including videos, quizzes, and real-time feedback, in both English and Bahasa Indonesia, which is crucial to ensure that students not only learn but understand and apply Montessori methods effectively.

Enhanced Accessibility and Flexibility

With the use of modern technologies, Sunshine Teachers’ Training offers its diploma and intensive virtual courses to a wider audience across Indonesia and internationally. This expansion embodies the institution’s commitment to share the values and efficacy of Montessori education, regardless of the learner’s location. "Our mission was to offer high-quality Montessori education globally which is now a reality, thanks to the powerful CYPHER platform that enables us to offer remote classes while meeting international standards," said Sony Vasandani, CEO and Founder of Sunshine Teachers’ Training. "This capability ensures that even in challenging times, education can continue unimpeded across borders."

The institution’s innovative use of technology has not only garnered widespread attention and praise but also has established a new benchmark for quality education in the region. The success of Sunshine Teachers’ Training is reflected in the achievements of its notable graduates, who have made significant contributions to educational institutions worldwide. The advanced capabilities of the CYPHER LMS platform has further empowered alumni successes, enabling them to effectively apply their skills in real-world settings. 

About Sunshine Teacher’s Training

Sunshine Teachers' Training is a premier institution dedicated to empowering educators and parents through comprehensive Montessori training. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, Sunshine offers globally recognized online and onsite programs that focus on holistic child development. Its sister company, the Academy of Montessori is accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE), the institution emphasizes quality, flexibility, and accessibility in education and also uses CYPHER LMS platform. With a mission to deliver authentic Montessori education, Sunshine Teachers’ Training and the Academy of Montessori supports a diverse, international community, ensuring that learners receive practical skills and theoretical knowledge to foster effective, child-centered learning environments. For more information about Sunshine Teachers’ Training and its programs or the Academy of Montessori’s accredited program, visit  ; https://academyofmontessori/ or contact Febri at +62 85719139827.

About CYPHER Learning

CYPHER Learning exists to give learners the power to succeed in a rapidly changing world. Trainers, learning and development (L&D) pros, HR pros, and educators get everything they need in one platform to deliver faster, more personalized, and better learning outcomes. The company provides the only all-in-one AI learning platform that is easy-to-use, beautifully designed, and built to power hundreds of millions of learning moments every day. Create courses faster. Train and teach better. Learn even quicker. Experience the CYPHER Learning "just in time, just for you, just the way you want to learn" approach that puts people first.