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CYPHER named “Powerhouse” vendor by Talented Learning

CYPHER named “Powerhouse” vendor by Talented Learning

We’re excited to announce that CYPHER Learning was recognized as a “Powerhouse” player in the learning industry, elevating our spot, compared to 2023, on the 2024 RightFit Solution Grid by Talented Learning.

The RightFit Grid is Talented Learning’s visual representation of 50 diverse and high-quality learning systems. This matrix evaluates LMS providers based on various criteria, including functionality, customer experience, scalability, and innovation. We are proud to have met and exceeded these standards, earning recognition as a top performer in the industry.

Thank you to our customers for your continued support, belief, and feedback. You inspire our drive to create more innovative solutions for all of your learning needs. To all of our team members, thank you for continuously working to improve our company and software. Your innovation and support drive this business to continue pushing the envelope in learning..

Now, let’s take a look at why CYPHER stands out, according to Talented Learning.

What does it mean to be a “Powerhouse” system?

Talented Learning lists several defining characteristics for Powerhouse systems, but above all, they are all-purpose Learning Management Systems (LMSs) with a broad, diverse and deep set of features that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of different user groups. Integration capabilities are also robust.

Scalability is a key characteristic, as these solutions are capable of supporting companies as they grow, whether local or global, large or small. These systems cater to various use cases, including employee, partner, and customer training, customer engagement, partner collaboration, and blended audience scenarios.

Other characteristics include: Diverse use cases, robust features, powerful integrations, high scalability, full-service implementation, user support, innovation, and more. Let’s take a look at CYPHER’s powerhouse characteristics, according to Talented Learning, and what makes them stand out.

CYPHER’s Powerhouse characteristics

CYPHER’s “powerhouse” characteristics are the aspects of the CYPHER platform that fit the Talented Learning RightFit Solution Grid's "powerhouse" feature set.

Diverse use cases

Did you know CYPHER has over 20 use cases in 11 industries? From customer and partner training to career development and sales enablement, CYPHER has everything you need to improve student knowledge, upskill employees, and more!

Robust features

Learning goals, paths, and recommendations

CYPHER offers a broad and diverse set of features for learners and trainers alike. The system offers everything learners need to improve their skills, including learning recommendations. These proactive recommendations respond to learners' goals. Learning goals are related to either a specific job or skills, suggesting courses and groups to enroll in to help them better meet their goals. Administrators also have the ability to create learning paths, which guide learners through courses, media options, quizzes, and more, making it easy to deliver personalized content to learners.


CYPHER’s unique, platform-wide automation is a game changer for administrators and trainers. From automatically enrolling new employees in courses to re-enrolling employees when their compliance course expires, CYPHER’s automation streamlines repetitive tasks, allowing administrators to focus on strategic initiatives and provide learners with a better experience. Overall, automation decreases administrative drudgery, enables gamification throughout the platform, and enables you to create better certification programs. 

Automatic competency mapping

Competency mapping is the star of the show, because it allows for targeted and personalized skills development without draining your time and resources. CYPHER’s AI offering seamlessly generates and aligns competencies with content, assessments, and reporting, allowing you to track how well employees learn specific skills. It’s one of those things that is so time saving and mind blowing that you have to see it to believe it.

AI 360 with CYPHER Copilot

With AI 360, you can finally meet learners’ demand for high-quality, personalized courses. AI 360 not only delivers customized course content in minutes, but it also automates competency mapping, gamification, quizzes, and study guides, ensuring more efficient and elevated learning experiences.

“In the industry, it takes a minimum of 40 hours to create an hour's worth of content. Here you’re getting to 80-90% in 10 minutes…it’ll just knock your socks off to see all of the steps you used to have to do manually that you don’t have to do anymore.”
John Leh, CEO and Lead Analyst, Talented Learning

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These are just a few of the many features CYPHER offers. Discover more!

Powerful integrations

Seamlessly connect your workflows with CYPHER’s integrations. Access the most popular and useful systems like Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, Zoom, Go1, PayPal, and more, directly through CYPHER’s built-in app center. Easily create workflows between the CYPHER platform and thousands of other enterprise applications, including HRIS and CRMs. You can even integrate with over 6,000 apps and services using Zapier.

High scalability

To infinity and beyond. It’s not just Buzz Lightyear's favorite saying. It’s how scalable CYPHER is, too. With a scalability that knows no limits, CYPHER is built to grow with your business. Plus, CYPHER supports 50+ languages. Not only can users set the language of their interface, you can also effortlessly generate courses in 50+ languages. Forget things getting “lost in translation,” CYPHER translates and localizes so the meaning stays clear – no matter which language you choose.

Full-service implementation

Switching from one LMS to another is daunting, to say the least. CYPHER makes things as easy as possible with our full-service implementation. From customization to content creation, content migration, and site audits, CYPHER experts assist with both implementation and ongoing optimization

User support

We have a dedicated team of experts ready to assist you with your learning needs around the clock. We deliver on-site or online training, can help with every aspect of implementation, migration, and more. Our user support is one of our customers’ favorite aspects of CYPHER Learning, and we take pride in our responsiveness and robust support offerings.


Above all, we’re dedicated to continually improving our products and services to deliver more customer value and respond to your evolving needs. We pride ourselves on being pioneers in the e-learning industry, having introduced the world’s first generative AI learning platform. We’re continuing to innovate every day, with more exciting releases happening this year. Behind all of our innovations is a commitment to meet our customers’ evolving needs and deliver more value so our customers can focus on what matters most – human connection.