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Closing Out 2022 on Top: Forbes Recognizes CYPHER Learning as Best Corporate Training Solution... Twice!

You know it’s been a good year when Forbes, undoubtedly the world’s best-known business publication, awards you top honors not once, but twice! That’s exactly the position we find ourselves in at CYPHER Learning, having been named “Best Learning Management System (LMS)” and, just last month, “Best Overall Employee Training Software of 2022” for corporate environments by the team at Forbes Advisor. Forbes captures ~140M visitors per month across its properties and, according to its CEO Mike Federele, attracts “more Millennial, Gen Z, and Gen X audiences than any other brand.”

Overall Excellence in Employee Training Software

In evaluating employee training technologies, the Forbes Advisor team narrowed the field down to seven providers with CYPHER Learning eventually being named “Best Overall Employee Training Software of 2022.” Other solutions included in the assessment were well-known brands such as TalentLMS, Absorb, iSpring, Docebo, D2L Brightspace LMS, and Blackboard Learn LMS. While these solutions were each recognized for single attributes (e.g., flexibility, customization, etc.), CYPHER Learning took the top prize based on a multitude of combined factors, including ease of use, pricing and value, customer support, and features and integrations, among other criteria. 

Forbes contributor Amy Nichol Smith cited the following reasons for why CYPHER Learning was named the best overall solution in its class: “The intuitive user interface (UI) and multiple ways to award employees for using the LMS, MATRIX LMS scores major points—it’s visually pleasing and keeps employees engaged. Aside from the user experience (UX) though, it’s a comprehensive platform that’s simple to use to create courses and track analytics of employee performance. It doesn’t require advanced coding to create great-looking training modules, and it offers a mobile app to make learning easy on whichever device your employees prefer.”

Competency-based Learning Leads the Way

Earlier in the year, Forbes Advisor reviewed leading LMS providers. They defined LMSs as software platforms typically used to deliver online course materials and track employee progress, but that can also be used in other ways, including compliance training or customer education. 

Once again, CYPHER Learning came out on top, scoring 4.5 out of 5 stars and being named “best for ease of use.” Contributor Laura Hennigan and editor Kelly Main shared what drew them to the CYPHER Learning solution: “MATRIX LMS has an intuitive UX, requiring little-to-no technical knowledge to create courses. Users can establish goals, and AI will help them choose a learning path that matches their goals. Its e-commerce tools make it easy to sell online courses, and the mobile app allows students to learn anywhere they’re at. It also includes features such as web conferencing, automation, content authoring and gamification.

Forbes appreciated our unique approach to corporate learning – they also called out CYPHER Learning’s ability to let instructors enroll learners based on competency. This means that, instead of training and development (T&D) managers determining what skills employees have and should learn, CYPHER Learning puts that power in the hands of the learners themselves, while letting the T&D pros understand who has mastered what skills. This more efficient and effective approach lets learners determine what skills they already know or don’t know, and how they would like to learn. That is what CYPHER Learning means by “competency-based learning.”

Forbes’ recognition of CYPHER Learning and the power of competency-based learning validates our solution and reinforces what we’ve already learned from our corporate customers around the world – that a customized, learner-centric online model is the secret to successful corporate training programs. We can’t wait to support more organizations as they embrace a similar strategy and enjoy the benefits of competency-based learning in 2023! To see CYPHER Learning in action, take a tour of the CYPHER Learning platform.

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