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JC Gonzalez

JC Gonzalez

JC Gonzalez is a writer and lifelong learning advocate. With over 20 years of experience across different industries, he writes about edtech, professional development, entrepreneurship, and more. When he’s not writing, he’s with his family exploring Los Angeles, CA. Follow him on Twitter @jg_los_angeles.

Is an evergreen launch right for your online course?

The evergreen launch has gained popularity among online course entrepreneurs. There are two ways of releasing online products to the public: live and evergreen. But how do you know which option is rig...

How to make money from YouTube sponsors as a course creator

Successful course creators understand the importance of having multiple income streams. Even if the bulk of your content is not available for free, there are still ways to make money from YouTube spon...

13 Home video studio setup ideas for course creators

According to Data Axle, you have three seconds to hook your audience. As an online course creator, your video content has to engage quickly and look professional. Follow along as we share the best hom...

Cohort-Based Learning: How does it benefit course creators?

Cohort-based learning is the latest step in the evolution of e-learning. Unlike an open online course, cohort-based learning (CBL) gathers a limited number of learners to take part in a course with a ...

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