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Generative AI in 2024: A potential lifeline amid workplace turbulence
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Janet Civitelli

Janet Civitelli

Janet Scarborough Civitelli, Ph.D., is a writer and psychologist with expertise in communications, education, and technology. She writes about business, workplace psychology, and the e-learning industry.

50 Great call-to-action phrases in an online course

When prospective customers read your web content, newsletter, or email, it’s important to give them a clear and prominent way to take the next step in your sales cycle. That’s where a great call-to-ac...

What is PLR? Private Label Rights pros and cons for online course creators

As an online course creator, you may wonder, “What is PLR?” since you’ve probably heard somewhere that it’s a fast and easy solution for content creation. Private Label Rights (PLR) content is content...

How to create a unique selling proposition for your online course business

Learners have many choices when deciding which online course to purchase, so one of the most important marketing tasks for online course business owners to tackle is learning how to create their cours...

9 Tips for writing a great webinar invitation email as a course creator

Writing a webinar invitation email seems simple at first. However, on closer inspection course creators must convince prospective or current learners to attend, and here is where it becomes more trick...

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